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My mom said something funny the other day… “I like that Jersey Elvis you posted on your blog!”

That’s a pretty good description of Robert Gordon, isn’t it? Jersey Elvis.

Can you imagine what might have been if Elvis came from the Garden State and not Tennessee?

Rather than “Thunk ya very much,” he’d have said, “Thank yous a lot”

Red Elvises Take Over Bethlehem

On Sunday I went to Bethlehem’s Musikfest. I ran into longtime Donnaville visitor, Nathan Linder at a bar before the Red Elvises show. What a crazy coincidence! (Especially because he told me he couldn’t meet me since he would be of town!) I also met up with a girl from YouTube. She wrote me and said she was also a Rivers Rockabilly Trio fan and would love to meet up at Musikfest. I wrote her back saying, SURE! On the way to Musikfest, I started wondering if I had made a dreadful mistake. Might I find myself in the clutches of an amorous lesbian!?! Turns out I already knew the girl… she was the gal wearing the Marilyn Monroe dress at the Rivers’ Blob Ball. Everything turned out just fine.

I am a little disappointed in the video I shot because the camera did not capture the flirty eyes Oleg kept giving me throughout the concert. In fact, when it was time to Belly Dance, Oleg pointed at ME and said, Come! And guess what guys? I did! My life is now complete… I belly danced with the Red Elvises!

Long Tall Sally

Songs of Tall WomenI am letting Pandora choose my music for me this morning and they just played Johnny Burnette’s song, All by Myself. This song contains the lyrics:

Well I got a girl who’s six feet tall
Sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall
All by myself, all by myself
I don’t need no-one to love her
Gonna love her all by myself

And it reminded me of the lyrics to My Girl Is Red Hot:

Well I gotta gal, six feet four, sleeps in the kitchen
With her face at the door but,
My gal is red hot – your gal aint doodley squat! (repeat)
Well she aint got money, but man she’s really got a lot.

I can’t help but feel there are more songs from the 50’s/60’s that reference 6 feet tall women. I can practically hear Little Richard singing something similar but I can’t put my finger on it.

Can you think of any other songs about tall women sleeping with their feet out the door?

I’m on Fire!

I have fallen deeply in love with Robert Gordon. Almost every evening, I find myself slumming YouTube for videos of him. Here’s one of my favorites:

He made a movie with Willem Dafoe called, “The Loveless.” I don’t know why but I have a feeling this movie is right up my alley….

The Loveless Willem Dafoe Robert Gordon

Wait, it get’s better. It’s tagline is, “Muscles Clad in Black Leather…Incest…And Murder!”

The trailer is awesome:


Greasy Pomps in Leather Suits Showcase

This is my contribution to society… WHO AM I MISSING??????

Vince Taylor

Link Wray

Alvin Stardust

Conrad Birdie

68′ Special Elvis


Danny Zuko

Stray Cats

Gene Vincent

Added by my baby sister! (so proud!)

Joan Jett

Another baby sister addition

Ready Freddie Mercury

Added by BDavis

Added by Audra

Link Wray

I’ve been a fan of Link Wray for quite awhile. It’s pretty normal for me to queue him up on Rhapsody. For some odd reason, I always just assumed he was a studio musician which is the reason I never sought him out on YouTube. At any rate, yesterday I was slumming around Professor Ouch’s Website, trying to find information on the upcoming Hotrod Rockabilly Hoedown when I bumbed into an embedded video of Link Wray playing Rumble on some tv show in the 70’s. WOWZERS! He looks like BOWSER! I am in LOVE!

Here he is performing with Robert Gordon.

I love finds like this!

Eh… harmony

I’ve had a few more men drip out of my eHarmony match funnel. I was tempted to close one because he said he’s French. Not sure why. Maybe the potential smell factor? But then I thought, “I am doing this for FUN! Accept them all! Except for midgets.”

My date last night went well, in case you are interested. He looked like a young Bill Medley which is odd since I’ve been watching a lot of old Righteous Brothers clips on YouTube. The one thing that I thought was pretty cool is that he’s a Hunky Dago too! Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be raised all that ethnically, he had never heard of pysanky. Whatever, I had fun.

Here’s an amazing video of the Righteous Brothers. I LOVE it when the dancers come out and then at 1:24 when Bill and Bobby start shouting and shaking their asses…. AWESOMENESS!

Here’s another great one:

What does it mean to “ball in the morning.” Or am I mishearing the lyrics? Justine’s not the only gal who likes to ball. Good Golly Miss Molly, sure like to ball. I’ve always assumed it meant to have sex. It just seems too obvious. Any clarification would be appreciated.

Speaking of…. Bill Medley, I once saw him in person. He walked past me at a casino in Las Vegas. I was with a couple older women and they just about melted right there. “BILL MEDLEY!” they screamed in unison. I knew who he was but I wasn’t terribly familiar with him as an individual… he was just Bill Righteous to me.

The Blob Ball 2011

Last night was The Blob Ball. The Rivers Rockabilly Trio played all night long and…..

Phil Alvin

Phil Alvin of The Blasters!

I danced all night long… with Audra, Lisa, and a veritable Phil Alvin impersonator. Yes, I had more fun last night than I did in about 5 years combined. The World Famous Buddy Holly stylist, Ed Marra was in attendance, lending his vocal styling and specs to the ball. His Rave On was SPOT ON! And Stu (The Rivers’ leader and front man) even dedicated a song to me and plugged my book. What song? Somethin’ Else, natch! Which of course caused much confusion when we bumped into Stu before Blobfest and he said, “You requested Rave On, right?”

“No, I requested, Somethin’ Else”

“Well, what did you request?”

“Somethin’ Else!”

“What song?”

“Somethin’ Else!”

He knew what song I requested, he was just pulling my leg!

And let me tell you something. Any man that whines and says there are no available women out there NEEDS to go to a Rockabilly concert. There were TONS of BEAUTIFUL women in attendance. Amongst this choice crowd, there was a total of 3 old guys that spent the entire time going from one woman to the next for dances. Not one was turned down. They left very happy campers.