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My Name is Zoom and I Come From the Moon!

Tomorrow, my son Jimmy turns… 6!

And what did I just do?  I bought him the mp3 of Captain Zoom!

Space command to Zoom
All systems are go for your message to Jimmy!

Hey Jimmy!
It’s your birthday!
I’m in charge of the stars
And I’m here to say,
Hey Jimmy ’cause
You’re the BIG STAR today!

My name is Zoom
And I live on the moon
But I came down to earth
Just to sing you this tune

Hey Jimmy ’cause
It’s your birthday today!

A present for you
I wanted to find
An outerspace creature
A one of a kind!
A wild whop or a kukelchoo,
An apple drop or a buzzardstew
Or maybe a 3-eyed tickleshay
For your birthday

Did you ask:
“uh, what’s a kukelchoo?”
Well, up on the moon it’s nothing new
But that won’t do for you,
On your birthday!

I searched behind the clouds and stars
I even zoomed my bike to Mars
And met my friend the saucer man
And he said:
“Hey Zoom I got the bestest plan!
What your friend needs is something new,
So how about a song, just from YOU?”

And so tonight when you’re in bed
I’ll be singing to you as I zoom overhead
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

To you!

See you next year!

Will You Be My Valentine?

So I was lucky enough to catch an interaction that may shape the future of two lives. Yesterday, as we were leaving Jimmy’s preschool, I said, “Jimmy, did you ask Ava W what you were planning on asking her?”

“Wait!” He ran off to where Ava W. was playing with another girl.

“Ava W, will you be my Valentine?”

Ava W stood up and said, “Yes, Jimmy, I’ll be your Valentine!” She gave him a big hug and sat back down with her friend.

Jimmy looked at me and beamed! He ran back to me and said, “SHE SAID YES!!!!”

He took my hand and out of the classroom I walked… Jimmy floated.

Replaying the scene in my head, I marveled at how well it went. I was proud Jimmy had the courage to ask… he could have chickened out and not asked at all. I was grateful that Ava W responded in the affirmative. She could have been shy and not known how to act, she could have froze up or said no.

Jimmy may be more apt to put himself out there because of this positive experience and perhaps Ava W feels special and in the future, she’ll feel valued, deserving, and loveable.

I can’t help but wonder about the little girl who Ava W was playing with. I hope she was caught up in their play and didn’t notice the interaction. I hope she didn’t notice and wonder why Jimmy didn’t ask her. I hope she doesn’t feel bad that she was ignored and wonder why it wasn’t her.

Looking back at my own life– I was the little friend. Early on I felt ignored and rejected. It imbued me with a deep belief that I wasn’t deserving and I shouldn’t be picky. I think that’s ultimately why I made such royally bad decisions when it came to men most of my life.

The love lives of 5-year-olds… I do believe it plants the seeds to who they will become and the lives they will lead.

I do know this… Regardless of the Valentine’s Day interaction, Ava W knows what she wants and has gone out to get it. Jimmy likes her because she has made it clear she likes him. Just the other day, when I was picking Jimmy up, Ava W approached me and said, “Jimmy’s mommy, Jimmy’s so handsome… I want to take Jimmy home and he can live in my house and play with me all the time!”

I smiled and said, “That is so sweet Ava W, but Jimmy has a home with us but maybe he can visit you one day.” I was pretty proud that I was able to stifle my initial reaction of, “STAY AWAY FROM MY BABY BOY, YOU TROLLOP!”

When I was younger, my mom would say, “You are growing up, we’re gonna have to buy a bat to keep the boys away!” Back then, I thought it was ludicrous. Looking back, I wish my thought was, “A bat won’t keep them away!”

Thinking about Jimmy, I am going to have to buy a bat AND tie him down.

August 16th

jedAnd so it turns out, I didn’t need to wait 12 whole days. On August 15th we had family and friends over to celebrate my youngest stepdaughter’s 14th birthday. I recall making sure that I didn’t overeat and yet I recall feeling very full, very stuffed, and very uncomfortable.

As we got ready for bed that evening, Eddie told me I had resting bitch face all evening.

We fell asleep and at 1:30, I woke up soaking wet. My water had broke. Eddie and I raced to the hospital. It was the next day at 3:30ish that little Jed popped out. He weighed 10 full pounds and had a head full of soft, jet black hair.

Jimmy is slowly growing used to Jed. He’s a little jealous that Jed is taking my attention but he hasn’t acted out.

Jed is getting better looking each and every day. He’s already lost that prehistoric baby bird look that all newborns seem to have. He’s not sleeping all that great but I suspect we’ll eventually fall into some sort of routine that will work for us.

Although I am totally not into astrology or horoscopes, I am beyond happy that little Jed is a Leo and not a Virgo like me. As much as I know it’s hogwash, I exhibit all the crazy Virgo traits and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. All the people I have ever met that were born under the sign Leo, always seemed so friendly and confident. So regardless of silliness, I am happy that he too may be extroverted and high in self-esteem. I am also slightly pleased that he was born on the anniversary of Elvis’s death.

12 Days

My second son is due to arrive in 12 days.


It’s almost hard to believe. And yet it’s not. I am sooooo pregnant and am ready to pop. I can’t wait for my body to stop this incessant aching. I am ready to gain back my mobility.

In some ways, I simply can’t imagine what it will be like to have another child. I am trying to visualize it but the concept is so foreign to me that I am coming up with nothing. Truthfully, I am scared. Jimmy was such a handful. Those first 3 months were so difficult. To go through it again? I keep telling myself I survived the first go around and I will survive the second time. Plus, people do this all the time. Heck, people did this without disposable diapers and wipes and baby food in jars and air conditioning and heating. I have no right in the world to be scared or stressed.

I can do this.

Strangely enough, the actual birthing process isn’t scaring me at all. Even after the ordeal I went through with Jimmy. Eddie keeps talking about the epidural and I’m just like, “yeah, whatever.”

What has me panicked is the late night feedings. The lack of sleep. But most of all, it’s balancing Jimmy AND Jed. It was one thing to just have to worry about Jimmy– now I have two little boys to handle.

I can do this.

Twelve days I’ll be doing this and it’ll be fine.

25 days…

Counting days25 days until my due date.

I’ve experienced:
36.3 weeks of pregnancy
8.4 months of pregnancy
253.9 days of pregnancy
6094 hours of pregnancy
365650 minutes of pregnancy

But who’s counting?

My body aches. This kid’s foot seems permanently wedged under my lowest right rib. I struggle to sleep at night. I struggle to wake up in the morning.

I am tired.

And when the baby arrives, it doesn’t get any easier. Constant breastfeeding. Sleepless nights. Crying, wailing, screaming.

I am looking forward to it!

I will miss what I have with Jimmy– this one on one. But I look forward to expanding our family and giving Jimmy a brother.

Please please please let everything be okay. Healthy baby. Healthy me. I only have 25 days left to go!

Lullaby, Little Jimmy

Elvis lullabyYou are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

The other night dear, as I lay sleepin’
I dreamed, I held you in my arms
When I awoke dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head and I cry

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

You told me once dear, you really loved me
And no one else could come between
But now you’ve left me and you love another
And you have shattered all my dreams

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

I’ll always love you and make you happy
If you will only say the same
But if you leave me to love another
But you’ll regret it all some day

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away
Please don’t take my sunshine away

Pack up all my cares and woe, here I go, singing low
Bye bye blackbird
Where somebody waits for me, sugar is sweet and so is he
Bye bye blackbird

No one here can love and understand me
Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me
So make my bed, light the light, I’ll arrive late tonight
Blackbird, bye bye

I’m gonna pack up all my cares and woe, here I go, singing low
Bye bye blackbird
Where somebody waits for me, sugar’s sweet and so is he
Bye bye blackbird

No one here can love and understand me
Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me
So make my bed, light the light, I’ll arrive late tonight
Blackbird, bye bye

Google Search His Story

bBYMy Google Search history tells a story….

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Searched for sleep deprivation side effects

Dec 30 2013

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Dec 29, 2013

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Dec 28, 2013

Searched for baby pimples

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36 Weeks In

Baby comingYesterday was 36 weeks. Baby Jimmie is to arrive December 7th. I think he’s coming sooner though… mainly because he’s a busy baby. He’s constantly on the move and I don’t think he likes being cooped up in the womb.

Someone recently asked what we were thinking about in terms of his college fund. I replied, “We’re not saving for his college. Instead we will be funding his first start up.”

As much as I can’t wait for baby Jimmie to arrive, I also have no idea what to expect. With him inside of me, my life continues in a familiar, normal manner. It’s the physical component of having a giant belly that tires me out and impedes my movement that’s different. Once he arrives, my body should pretty much return to normal but my life will drastically change.

My mom said that I shouldn’t worry about it– yes, I will be really tired and overwhelmed for about 3-4 months but babies grow and eventually they sleep through the night. And he will become my new normal. Just like life re-normalized after my dad died.

One of Eddie’s friends dropped by this weekend for a visit and he mentioned to me that he was the youngest of 11 kids. ELEVEN KIDS! Although I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, I can’t imagine going through this 11 times. Insane!

Countdown to the new normal…

26. 12
25. 13
24. 14
23. 15
22. 16
21. 17
20. 18
19. 19
18. 20
17. 21
16. 22
15. 23
14. 24
13. 25
12. 26
11. 27
10. 28
9. 29
8. 30
7. 1
6. 2
5. 3
4. 4
3. 5
2. 6
1. 7

Got my ash kicked

elvissleepingLog this one kiddies. Today was the first time pregnancy kicked my ass. Last night I was a panelist at some Social Media and nonprofit event. Eddie drove me to the event because as he said, “At 34 weeks, I am not comfortable having you going it alone.”

Afterward we went to XIX Nineteen Restaurant atop the 19th floor of the Hyatt at The Bellevue. It was truly lovely. Last weekend we were in NYC (back for my quarterly appearance on SiriusXM business show) and we had lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s Steakhouse. Nineteen was a thousand times better. But that’s not really pertinent to my story.

So anyway, we got back home and went to sleep. I woke up every hour on the hour to pee. You’d think I’d run out of fluids… but nope. Eddie wanted to get into work early and so I tried to rouse him when morning finally arrived to get him going but it was useless since I could barely get myself moving. Once he was out of the house, I fell back in bed and stayed there for a longer period of time than I can remember. I don’t sleep in. Well, not until today. I finally crawled out of bed and I am trying to get myself moving but it’s slow going. I suppose it’s okay to have a day like this as long as it’s not typical. Yet I feel guilty. Why do I think Marissa Mayer never had bad days during her pregnancy?

The later I get in my pregnancy the harder it is to sleep. I can’t even remember when I last slept through the night. I think the difficulty sleeping is my body’s way of preparing me for many sleepless nights when Jimmie arrives.

Otherwise everything else is going great. Last night, for the first time, I introduced Eddie as my husband. It felt pretty awesome. I am enjoying being married… although I never doubted otherwise. The only worry I had was that we both take it seriously and commit for the long haul. But those fears have been allayed. In fact, sitting at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant last weekend, a woman was seated at the table next to us. Toward the end of our meal she introduced herself as a divorce court judge from Chicago and that she enjoyed being in our company because she truly believed that we were a wonderful couple. She said she’s very good at spotting what works because everyday she sees what doesn’t. That made me feel really good.