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Recipes for drinks and such…

Cork Fighting

At Fripp, my mom’s friend Pam stopped by and had dinner with us one evening. She brought some lovely wine and when she uncorked it, she said, “I collect wine corks!”

“Me too!” I said.

“I like to write on the cork, you know, to memorialize the occasion and the company with whom I enjoyed the wine!”

She then grabbed a pen and wrote, “Fripp Island July 2011 – Rosalie & Girls” right on the cork.

“What a sweet idea!”

At any rate, Lisa was over my place this afternoon. She looked at the basket I keep on my kitchen table full of Charles Shaw wine corks and she said, “You know, Donna, if you did as Pam suggested, all these wine corks would say the same thing, “AT HOME. ALONE.”

“Not all of them, Lisa. There’s a couple that would say, “Behind the 7-11 with hobos.”


What’s your favorite toast? Normally I do, “Drink Cold, Piss Warm!” I didn’t come up with that on my own– I am not that creative. At all. I heard it in a movie. A dirty movie. Henry and June. I saw it in college. This evening, as I poured the 3 Buck Chuck, I said, “I love how 3 Buck Chuck smells… like Freedom and La Femme Nikita!” And that’s how we toasted, “To FREEDOM and La Femme Nikita!” When I first got this place, my Aunt Helen gave me a case of 3 Buck Chuck and I remember spending my evenings reveling in my freedom by drinking wine and watching episode after episode of La Femme Nikita– so it’s all intertwined.

I also do “Na zdorovje” Which sounds like, “Nahs DRAH vie YA” At least that’s how I pronounce it. My cousin Lenka might disagree. I say it when I am drinkingSlivovitz or Becherovka.

Speaking of favorite liqeurs– my newest fave is Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur. It is heavenly! Ginger-flavored liquer.. it’s like drinking a Dark and Stormy without rum and without Barritts Ginger Beer. LOVE IT!


(FYI, I have created a new category for this type of post, I’m calling it BOOZE)

Boilo Recipe

At Christmas Eve dinner my dad mentioned Boilo. Boilo is a drink served at the Lithuanian households where he grew up. I’ve never had it but it sounds pretty good— a bit like Gl├╝hwein. Maybe I’ll try to make it for New Year’s. We shall see. If anyone decided to give it a go, please report back on results!

Boilo recipe: Stovetop style

1 bottle whiskey (any relatively cheap, blended whiskey will do)
Several oranges. Quantity depends on how much you wish to make. Use at least 4.
Same number of lemons
1/4 cup raisins
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups of honey
2 cinnamon sticks

Boilo is traditionally made during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. It’s great on those cold winter nights. Beware, this can knock you for a loop! Cheers!

Peel the oranges and lemons and cut into quarters. Squeeze the fruit into a pot, then throw in the remaining fruit pulp. Add some water (some people use ginger ale). Add the remaining ingredients EXCEPT the whiskey. Cook everything at a slow simmer, stirring constantly. This will take about 15-20 minutes. If necessary, add orange juice and a bit more water. The color should be a yellow-orange. Don’t overcook; the name is misleading. You don’t want to boil this. Then slowly stir in the whiskey. Be careful – this can catch fire if splashed on the stove. Keep adding whiskey to taste. It’s not uncommon to use the whole bottle. Simmer for just a few more minutes once the whiskey is added.

Strain and serve hot in shot glasses (a regular glass may crack). Drink in sips. Individual servings can warmed later in a microwave.