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Toys I covet

Jawbone Up– It tracks your movement and sleep patterns.

Yes, I can get even more self-involved than I already am.

Dang it– there was another really cool gadget I found that looked very tasty. Forgotten. Maybe I’ll remember it…

Android Apps

Decided to do a factory reset of my HTC Evo 3D. It’s been acting funky beyond funky. I honestly thought I’d get at least a year out of it before it started slowing down… but nope… only 3 months. I took it to a Sprint store the other week and they insisted nothing was wrong with it. Let’s try a factory reset and see if that helps.

I am going to reinstall the following apps:

Google Calendar
Juice Defender
Google Maps
Facebook Messenger
Google Talk
Google Voice
Google Reader
Tip Calculator

Server, Server Where Have You Gone?

I thought I would wake up to butterflies and sunshine after the mess of yesterday. Sadly, no. 5 of my sites are down… one of which is my moneymaker. I have two support requests in to DreamHost. I hope they respond quickly but they are out in California so I have a feeling I will be waiting hours.

Error Establishing Database Connection… that sounds so bad, makes me want to weep.

Server Woes

Something happened today… my server got hit really hard… and I don’t know why! The Dreamhost surfer dudes weren’t much help even though I purchased phone support. In fact, the surfer dude on the phone appeared to be very exasperated with me. I finally just purchased their Dreamhost Virtual Private Server although I am really not sure that’s the real answer to the issue at hand. My traffic logs aren’t showing any unusual numbers. Mr. Surfer dude kept saying he thought it was a WordPress plugin causing the script overload which sounds more like an excuse than anything to me.

Everything seems to be back up and running. Fingers crossed it will be fine tomorrow.

Geek wishes

I want an easy way to quickly add people from email to my contacts list. Something that parses their email signature and sends the info to the correct contact fields.

I want a way to keep all my contacts synced across all the platforms… Facebook and LinkedIn and Gmail and my Worldcard Scanner, etc… Does Plaxo do this?

I want Gmail Contacts to interface with my WorldCard Scanner or at least allow syncing or at the very least allow the embedding of the business card image into the contact entry.

I want an easy way to turn emails into tasks that will then archive the email when the task is finished.

I want an easy way to have an email open but then still be able to go back into a previous email or check a contact record. Yes this is possible in Outlook since everything opens up in a new window but this is not possible in Gmail where it’s all done in one browser tab.

I wish I could rip apart email threads and rename subject lines since people are total asses and can’t seem to grasp the concept of giving the subject line a descriptive, short, summarizing phrase so when I need to go back it’s easy to find the email. AND they like to keep replying to emails even though they are now writing about totally different things.

I want to export gmail emails and import them into another gmail account, filters, folders, and all.

I want to see the acronym PUTPACMGD find popularity: Pick up the phone and call me God dammit!

I want my laptop to mirror my desktop.

I want Google Desktop to truly be a dashboard of shortcuts and view ports that make my life easier.

I want dockable applications/feeds.

I am sure there is more. What do you want?

Chilly Willy

I turned off the heat. My last bill was 300.00 which was really abnormal. I am not sure if it’s because it’s been super cold and my heat has been cranking or if it’s this energy deregulation and I now should read more from HVAC Direct and change the whole system. I have had so many people tell me I should start selling energy. It’s supposedly easy and lucrative. I don’t care. The people selling it may be making money hand over fist but they come across as zombies to me. All network marketers do. Okay, almost all. I am sure there are some good network marketing opportunities out there… somewhere. It’s when people are more concerned with building a pyramid than selling a product that my bullshit alert goes off. Whatever.

My second proof came in on Friday. The inside is fine except I found a couple tiny typos. The cover also has an issue. It’s not centered correctly. I have a call in to the printer and I am waiting for their response. I have no intention of going through another proof round. I figure I will see what they have to say about the cover, hopefully it’s their fault. And then I’ll upload the new interior and rather than wait for the proof to arrive, I’ll just approve it early and go with it. That’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

Last night, Poopie and I watched an episode of Night Gallery on Hulu. It’s an episode that really freaked out my parents when it first aired. I remember them both individually telling me about the episode numerous times while growing up.

It stars Lawrence Harvey who sports the most lovely sideburns! They look quite a bit like Pookie’s burns. Let me tell you, the episode is awesome. And I wonder if it was actually a mistake or if it was done intentionally… by Tommy or maybe Rhona? This little tidbit shouldn’t ruin anything… in fact, I already new the outcome from the beginning… I wish I could have taken it in fresh though.

A Slight Twist to an Old Theme

I’ve been contemplating it for quite sometime. Upgrading Thesis and tweaking the look of this here site. Since all I do anymore is design Websites and dwell on other such Web-related projects, I haven’t quite felt overly compelled to do it.

Today was different. I figured it was time. And so if you are reading donnaville on a rss reader, you may want to click on over to see the changes. New header…. although I did it YEARS ago and never used it, new fonts, new navigation bar, and I renamed the titles over on the sidebar. Figured maybe it was about time to really tout the age of this site. Can you believe I’ve been doing this since 1996!?! My first Website (care of Geocities) went up the winter of 1996, blogging commenced 1999 and I got my own domain in 2001. xena swing animated gifAnd if we really want to get technical, there was a Donna Warrior Princess Web site that Audra’s old old old ex-boyfriend put up for me in 1994, I think. Yeah. Donna Warrior Princess. Guess what that Website was about… I think I might have it saved on a floppy disk somewhere…. maybe.

I also filled up the image rotator with more pix of Bo.