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The 10th Victim

My Netflix account reactivated and before I had a chance to set it back to inactive, a movie was sent to me. It was The 10th Victim starring Ursula Andress and Marcello Mastrioianni. Within the first 15 minutes, Ursula shoots a man dead using guns built into her shiny silver bikini top. It’s a game of cat and mouse, Ursula is the cat while Marcello is the mouse AND sun worshiping priest, with bleached hair. I loved it.

Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2 arrived Saturday from Netflix. I LOVED IT! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I think you will too. Here’s the thing, it’s supposed to be disrespectful and shocking but it isn’t in any foul, indecent way. It’s just funny.

I was shocked at how much Steve Coogan looked like Weird Al Yankovic when he was dressed up like Jesus. Which got me thinking how much Weird Al Yankovic has changed facially over the years. Is it plastic surgery or just simply removing his glasses and doffing his mustache? I never thought him handsome in the 80’s but I think he’s pretty cute now. Who knows, it could just be evidence of the obliteration of my standards.

mustache-_0003_weird-al-yankovic –> weirdal

From good to worse and back again

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I succumbed. I got back into bed and stayed there. Pookie visited me after work. He brought me soup and made me tea. I began to feel a bit better. This morning sees me feeling not 100% but not so bad that I need to be in bed. I’ve been talking to recruiters and the jobs they got are not interesting me in any way. In fact, they scare me a bit. Maybe I am just being cynical but they all seem to be cold call until your feet curl, no one wants the product-nightmares.

I keep trying to figure out what I want to do. I want to help people buy the right software solutions for their unique needs and help them adopt it successfully. Can that be? Or am I saying that because that’s what I’ve been doing? If I could do anything- what would I do? Nothing. I’d surf the web and update my blog. I’d go on walks and watch movies. See, that’s the difference between Steve Jobs and me. Steve Jobs thinks, “I’ll create a graphical operating system for the masses and a CGI animation studio! And I just want to surf the web. I really do like creating Web pages. However ever since simple HTML was replaced with CSS and DHTML, etc, I can’t imagine it’s something I can do. I once took a C/C++ course and I COULDN’T FINISH IT! I DROPPED OUT! My mind doesn’t work in that way. And to top it all off, I am not all that artistic. So how silly is this? Can I be a freelance Webpage designer using a 1 click install of WordPress and WordPress themes? I could target extremely small businesses and hope they don’t want me to change a column width. I feel like I am flailing. Maybe it’s time for me to go back to bed. I don’t feel well.

Trying to heal myself

I climbed back into bed and laid there perfectly straight. I tried to think healthy thoughts. At around 10:30 I decided it was time and I showered and dressed. Am I feeling better? I think so. I better, I refuse to get sick.

My father sent me a Youtube video of Steve Jobs delivering a commencement speech at Stanford back in 2005. He said to believe in God (although he never said God, he said gut, self, Karma, etc) that there is a purpose to everything, you may not see it at first but looking back it will make sense. He also said you have one life- your life- and you must live it the way you want. Find your passion and take risks. It is especially poignant since Jobs is obviously having some health issues now.

I feel yucky

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t feel quite right. Last night before I went to bed I had a terrific headache. I contemplated taking an advil but then my stomach started feeling funny and I decided I’d better not. I slept okay. I had weird dreams about sitting in a movie theater wearing nothing but a tiny towel. A Russian woman next to me with kids berated my fashion choice and told me I should know better than to flash children. I agreed and ran off to find some clothes. Luckily there was a store right above the theater. Not only did I find a robe but I also found underwear with Japanese Chins printed on them! Erin appeared and told me I had to help her find birthday candles or something terrible would happen. It was easy finding birthday candles and soon after I awoke.

My head hurts, my body aches, and my stomach feels queasy. I DO NOT GET SICK. This should pass within minutes.

The Love Guru ****

Last night I watched The Love Guru starring Austin Powers and it was FANTASTIC! I haven’t laughed that hard in ages! Buyer beware this movie is full of immature potty humor, penis jokes, fart jokes, mops soaked in urine, and other gross-out disgusting filth. I enjoyed it immensely. I am not sure why Mike Meyers didn’t just tweak the storyline to make it an Austin Powers movie. I think it probably would have done better. Plus it could have explained why I kept noticing Dr Evil and Austin Powers mannerisms and vocal inflections slipping through the Guru Pitka character.

Here’s the opening musical number, Guru Pitka singing an Indian-inspired version of Dolly Parton’s song, 9 to 5:

Freedom Pictures

My father sent me a clip of Sharon Osbourne attacking a contestant on a reality show she hosts. My father said he wishes she would just go back to England and stay there. He then said, it would be nice if all the English actors would just go back to England. I asked him why he feels that way. He said you would never see an American on the BBC. They have actual laws over there that you must hire local talent. I think its the same way in Canada. Many of my favorite shows were filmed in Canada. I always saw the same faces over and over again. Many times in the same series just playing different parts. It became a game to me- Where have I last seen that Canadian Character Actor? That guy played Nikita’s boyfriend, he was also the cop that went bad in Forever Knight, and he replaced Ray Vecchio in Due South.

This evening I put in my latest Netflix movie, La Buche. Watching scenes of snowy Paris roads, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite movies, Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night with Maude) directed by Eric Rohmer. The movie discusses Pascal’s famous wager as well as temptation. It’s a good film. At any rate, after watching La Buche, I went onto IMDB to find out a little bit more about the movie and guess what!?! The mother in La Buche was portrayed by Françoise Fabian WHO ALSO PORTRAYED MAUD! I know! My head just spins! Another interesting connection I found was with the movie, On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song). Charlotte Gainsbourg was in La Bouche, and her mom Jane Birkin was in On connaît la chanson, and Sabine Azéma was in both! I would love to see On connaît la chanson again. The movie had a novel premise, you see the characters reveal their inner emotional states by bursting out in song— but it’s not them singing, it’s clear they are lip syncing along to an old song. It’s kinda weird but it worked somehow.

Check it out:

I think the reason for the fight is that Sabine found out that a building is going to be erected right in front of her new apartment and wreck her gorgeous view. I could be wrong though.

Bride movie

Has anyone seen the trailer for the movie Bride Wars? I just saw it the other day and I gotta say there is no way in heck I would ever pay money to see that rubbish. Apparently the premise is about two best friends who have both built up their wedding days to unhealthy proportions that when their weddings are mistakenly booked on the same day at the same location, they turn on each other faster than you can say Vera Wang. It scares me that some people might believe that women would actually act in this manner. If I was a young man with limited experience with girls and I saw this trailer, I would be scared gay. (I know, bad stab at humor, it’s not a choice, I’m sorry). But honestly best friends don’t turn on each other like that! Heck, if the weddings were booked on the same day, why didn’t they immediately just go the Jan and Marsha route and have a double wedding? Too easy.

There are some movies I want to see– some of which I think may be out on DVD soon:

The Women – This is a remake of the 1939 film starring Rosalyn Russell (Rosemont Alum) and Joan Crawford. In fact, this isn’t even the first remake! There was a musical remake in 1959 starring Joan Collins called The Opposite Sex. I enjoyed the original and the original remake so what’s to stop me from getting a kick out of the third time around? Besides, I am facinated by Meg Ryan’s face and hair. Neither look natural.

Brideshead Revisited – This is also a remake! I think if you go back through my old posts you’ll find one in which I said if this move ever gets made I’ll be the first lined up to get a ticket. That didn’t happen. So now I gotta wait for it to hit DVD.

Yes Man – This is still in theaters and the chance of me catching it is rather nil since I have an issue spending money on movie tickets. But I do want to see it, eventually.

Iron Man – I don’t think I would mind seeing this movie. I just wish that Robert Downey Jr had done the role in the fur suit he wore in the movie, Fur.

The Love Guru – I heard it’s horrible but I still want to see it. I’ll pay a buck at Redbox to see it.

Hancock – I think the only reason I want to see this is to figure out why they cut Charlize Theron out of the trailer.

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People – It sounds like the title of my autobiography.

Any other suggestions?