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Happy Birthday, Donnaville!

My birthday is tomorrow but there’s an even more significant birthday coming up the day after. On September 3, 2001, I purchased the domain

Happy Birthday, Donnaville

YEP! 10 years folks! Amazing longevity for a girl with nothing to say!

Let’s take a look back at all the different incarnations of Donnaville.

Here is a screenshot of the very first post… note how it is dated September 2… I have no clue why the dates don’t match up. I am 99.9% sure I placed the order on September 2 because I distinctly remember it was a birthday present for myself. Whatever.


Just a few days later, planes crashed into the Twin Towers and so much changed.

A few months later I ditched the default blogger template and came up with my own design. This may also signal the end of my usage of Blogger and the beginning of Movable Type. I simply can’t remember.

2001, a few months later

The next design that I have evidence of is from 2004:


What I LOVED about this design are the pictures on the left hand side. I would take pictures with my cell phone and upload them to BUZZNET which would then update on Donnaville. You can see an archive of all those pictures, if you want.

I am pretty sure I must have changed the design between 2004 and 2007 but I never took any screenshots. I recall a very 60’s looking design with a fish eye background that my father HATED! Sadly, I can’t find any screenshots of it. I think it was probably around 2007 that I made the move to WordPress. Here’s the 2007 design:


In 2009, I updated my theme to Thesis. It looked like this:

A year or so later, I played around with it a bit:


Now it looks like this:

Prior to September 3, 2001, I had a Website on Geocities. If memory serves me, I started the Geocities page sometime in November of 1996. This is how it looked back in those old days:


And here’s a recreation of the old page.

Ten years with Donnaville, 15 years total. That’s a lot of words.

Looking back, it’s been a fun ride. You’ve been there with me as a I’ve had fun, traveled, lost pets, got dumped, dated, bought a house, fell in love, got fired, hired, fired, hired, started a business, had my heart shattered, lost my dad, and who knows what else is in store ahead. I have no intention of stopping. And I have no intention of getting interesting. In the immortal words of Popeye (words my father would often say as well), I am what I am.

Sideburns of love

I caught an episode and a half of True Blood the other day. It’s about vampires. So totally right up my alley, right? But unfortunately these vampires aren’t gay detective vampires who want to be mortal, to repay society for their sins, to emerge from their world of darkness and the endless forever NIGHT, GROWL!! (That’s a reference to my favorite TV show of all time, Forever Knight) The show is okay. It’s a bit violent and rather stupid but I’d watch it again mainly because the one vampire sports the most BEAUTIFUL sideburns!

I am not over reacting, see:

Lovely! Simply lovely!

I think his character is channeling Quentin Collins from Dark Shadows…

Doesn’t get much better than those mutton chops!

Oops! I spoke too soon:


I’ve been feeling sore for the last week or so. My neck and upper back and shoulders have been acting up. I have no clue what I did so I can only surmise the soreness is due to a sleep injury. Yesterday the constant soreness brought on a stress headache and I was so uncomfortable that I decided to throw caution to the wind and call up a chiropractor.

The chiropractor put me through a series of tests in which she asked my body parts about the pain. My body apparently answered her by how it reacted to her pushing on my limbs.

“Is it here? [Press] No… [press] no… [press] YES!”

She then told me she would use percussion on me to relax the spasms. Percussion? I had visions of her playing xylophone on my back. Turns out she meant VIBRATOR. Yes, she used a vibrator on me. No worries, she stayed away from my private bits and concentrated mainly on my neck and shoulders. I’m not going to lie… that part was rather pleasurable.

After the “percussion” she proceeded to the “adjustment.” I always thought a chiropractic adjustment entailed cracking the neck, back and hips… not here! She got out this odd looking instrument called an Activator. I can only describe it as a cross between a hypodermic needle, ball point pen and stapler. She then proceeded to click this tool all over my neck and back. The last click was into my butt which took me by great surprise. I half expected her to say, “WHOOP, THERE IT IS!”

The last bit of the session had her taping my neck with what I can only surmise is magical tape. She told me to keep in on for 3 days.

As I walked to the counter to pay, I kept wondering how much the visit would it cost me? I settled on the figure of $75. Imagine my surprise when she told me the visit cost $150 and the adjustment was $50! The look on my face at that moment is probably what caused her to say, “But since you are a new patient, I won’t charge you for the adjustment.” ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! HOO BOY! I gave her my credit card and figured I could maybe write it off as an office expense.

24 hours later and I do have more movement but the stiffness and soreness lingers. I do feel $150 lighter.

Wedding Schmedding

I didn’t pay an ounce of attention to the “Royal Wedding.” I don’t give a crap about any monarchy and I HATE HATE HATE the term “commoner.” How could anyone live in a country where they are considered commoners? That’s messed up.

With that said, I did get a huge hoot out of this video:

In her shiny tights, fighting for our rights

There’s a pic out of the new Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

I am really excited that it’s finally here! Yeah, a movie would have been awesome but a television show is even better. Looking at this picture a few things come to mind. One of which is I have turned into my mother. All I want to say is, “Honey, your hair is stringy! Brush it out! And here’s some toilet paper… BLOT!”

The one thing I can’t escape is the feeling I am looking at a Halloween catalog pic. The outfit looks kinda cheap. And I should know! My Wonder Woman costume was made out of felt. Clearly, her costume isn’t matted woolen fibers… but the shine! Wowzers! Regardless, I do like the outfit. I think it’s awesome that rather than giving us tits and ass they just went with tits. Love the feminum bracelets and golden lasso. I do miss the stars. The boots are pretty awesome. She’s a tall girl. I bet they were custom made for her.

What do you think?

Bob’s Vulgar Burgers

I think it was on Sunday that I caught the rebroadcast of Bob’s Burgers pilot episode. It was so vulgar! I couldn’t stop laughing.

It reminded me of something that happened to me once when I was in college. Audra’s roommate was a Japanese Exchange Student. Yasuyo was quite a bit different than most of the other Japanese Exchange Students. She didn’t spend all her time hiding under her bed like the others.

Yasuyo didn’t like me. I never really understood why. It couldn’t have been because I memorized a ton of filthy Japanese phrases and often threw them into conversation just to see her face contort up.

Koko wa kankoku? Datte inu no aji ga surunda mon.

And I am sure it had nothing to do with how I would often play Yoko Ono songs for her.

I remember the one time she said, “Doe-na! Turn that off!”

“Why, Yasuyo?”

“Because what Yoko says makes me uncomfortable!”

“What is Yoko saying?”

“Yoko says, ‘I want to lie with you in a sexual way’!!!!!”

At any rate, one day I finally asked Yasuyo why she didn’t like me.

“I don’t like you because you are….. how you say?…” She went to her Japanese-English Dictionary and looked up a word. She pointed at it, “See? VUL-GAR!”

Watching Bob’s Burgers and laughing at the itchy crotch jokes, I realized that Yasuyo was absolutely correct. I am vulgar. But not as vulgar as that show. Holy cow! How do they get away with that on broadcast television?

I meant no harm! Truly!

Yeah, I ruffled some feathers with my last post… namely my father’s. He was very very very angry that I would engage in something so very blasphemous. I tried to explain my motive…I wanted to share something weird and kinda funny. He told me what I am doing is shameful and I am fooling myself. I don’t know who is right. Am I doing something terribly wrong? Or is it really just silly? I can’t seem to get upset about it. My own personal Jesus doesn’t have a problem with it. People are different, especially regarding faith. If I offended you, please know I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or denigrate your Lord.