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Mad About You

As a young girl, I loved the music video for Belinda Carlisle’s Mad about You. I just loved her look, that vibe– OH! I still love it!

At any rate, I got a call today from Belinda Carlisle…. nope– it only sounded like Belinda Carlisle — it was Melinda Cartile or something. But it got me running to Youtube to rewatch the video.

I noticed the man in the video, at the time he looked too old for her and I wondered why him… upon this watching, 32 years later… he looked quite dashing and handsome. Wondering who he might be, I checked out the Wikipedia entry for the song and it turns out… Morgan Mason married Belinda Carlisle — they are STILL MARRIED. Not only that, his father is one of my favorite actors, JAMES MASON… AND Morgan Mason played the little boy in one of my favorite movies, The Sandpiper!!!!!

I remember watching the Sandpiper back when I was a teenager and I wanted to grow up to be Elizabeth Taylor, living in a beach house with a cute little son, parenting in a progressive way, teaching him art and Buddhism, but instead of having a mad affair with a stuffy but sexy priest, I prefered Charles Bronson’s sculptor character.

Funny to see these crazy connections that I missed the first time around and how one’s perception changes over time.