The other day I realized that there were things I wanted to accomplish but I simply couldn’t remember them. I keep to do lists but not a wishlist of places I want to visit and things I want to do. So here it is, my wishlist. It is in the making and I will be adding to it so when the time comes, I can plan more efficiently and start crossing items off.wishlist



  • Nice good Towels that don’t leave behind lint and all match without holes. –Achieved 2016
  • I want to clean out my attic and garage and have shelves — so I can store my stuff in a very non-complicated, very organized way. –Achieved by marrying a Marine who has everything organized
  • Own a House with a rock or brick exposed wall
  • Refurbish Kitchen- new counters, lighting, improve cabinets… make it livable!


  • Trench coat, a really good, long lasting trench coat.
  • A wardrobe of classic, good quality clothes — clothes that I wear– clothes that I love.


  • Get fit– exercise, yoga, lift weights
  • LOVE – Achieved 2013 Got married, had Jimmy & 2015 had Jed, my life is full of love
  • Experience passion
  • Spend time on my own, and enjoy it
  • Push away from the computer
  • Get financially sorted Achieved 2014 – I am not independently wealthy but by marrying a man who works at BofA, I was actually forced to get all my finances together.
  • Learn to rise above the stress and drama of life
  • Understand people’s urges and behaviors
  • Be wise
  • Be classy
  • Learn and demonstrate CHARISMA
  • Simplify my life and stop clinging to items
  • Retire at 45 with enough money to live comfortably until I die
  • Get married to a man I love and who loves me and bear a healthy child(ren) Achieved 2013 & 2015
  • Spend time at the shore
  • Study NLP
  • Join Toastmasters
  • Paint, Sketch
  • Own and play the Theremin
  • I want a cat- A Siberian cat because they are supposedly hypo-allergenic.
  • I want to have laser hair removal performed on my legs and pits.


  • Read Atlas Shrugged (i gotta stop pretending)
  • The Constitution (and get it)
  • Declaration of Independence


  • Own a business, make money for self, be totally independent– ACIEVED 2011 to current
  • Have passive income streams
  • Make money on the Web– Achieved 2011 to current
  • Love what I do!– Achieved 2009 to current
  • Be in a situation where I can win without having to kill myself trying.
  • Become a paid, professional speaker. Achieved 2014 then on hold, back on track 2016



  • Quebec City – September 2010
  • Tour the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville Visited September 2011 with Audra and Fiona
  • Pittsburgh to have Halushki at Kelly O’s diner Accomplished 1/16/2009.  It was good Halushki… but mine is better! 🙂
  • Visit Lenka, wherever she isThis is an odd one to check off BUT I bought tickets to visit Lenka in Bratislava (August 2012), but she decided to go to Spain instead… SO… I went to visit her but she wasn’t there to receive me. I feel like I did my part on this one and so I can cross it off.


  • Paint house, get seams fixed – DONE January 2013, Castle Painting came in and painted the house Smokey Taupe and my bedroom Iced Mauve
  • Get matching hangers in my closets so my clothes line up nicely – DONE! 2013! Bought velvet boutique hangers from TJMaxx and my closets look almost organized!
  • Learn the ability to do simple household tasks without having to find motivation – December 2012, I hired Alba. She keeps my house clean.
  • Wireless speakers that connect to my laptop, uh, wirelessly- so I can have music untethered throughout my house, or perhaps an Internet Radio? – 2012, I DID IT! I bough Sonos and LOVE IT! I should have done it YEARS AGO!
  • I would even like new carpeting up in the loft— the carpet up there is in really bad shape. LAMINATE FLOORING that matches the rest of my house… accomplished March 2012! YEAH BABY!
  • Fix my back patio! It’s so nice out there except the bricks are all uneven because it wasn’t really installed right the first time– instead of being built up- it’s kinda sunken PLUS there is a tree that was planted right next to it and its roots have caused massive damage to the patio. Accomplished August 2012! Bricks relayed and patio pitched for drainage
  • Get hardwood flooring in my dining room and parlor. Laminate flooring laid Summer 2011
  • Pimp out desk / Optimize Office I am conducting my business from a desk that was purchased from IKEA back in 1985 and is decorated with Garbage Pail Stickers – Bought a new desk and filing cabinet and turned what was just the “Loft” into a real true blue office! ACCOMPLISHED June 2011
  • Have good, luxury bedsheets that fit my bed and look lovely Accomplished June 2009
  • Get a Monte Carlo Automobile accomplished January 2007
  • Get a full size bed Accomplished Fall of 2006
  • Get new flatware for my kitchen, I’m tired of using forks and spoons that had been my parents’ through the 80’s and then my grandmother’s through the 90’s. Accomplished 3rd day of Spring 2008
  • Flat screen LCD Television setBought it from Walmart online and it should be delivered early June 2009
  • Ikea’s EXPEDIT bookcase for $79.99 to keep up in the loft and store my vinyl records in…. I think.<1>(I got it! Memorial Day Saturday May 2009 – Ikea was having a sale and the expedit’s were only 49.00! I bought a black/brown one and it looks perfect in my loft holding my vinyls records!
  • I want a nice couch up in the Loft and not the crappy futon I picked up off the street that someone was throwing away. Accomplished Summer of 2008
  • Have a pretty gardenJune 2009, This is crazy but I just noticed– I DO HAVE A PRETTY GARDEN!
  • Fix rotted window in dining room August 26, 2009!  Yeha Bralor Construction!
  • Fix rotted window in the loft August 26, 2009
  • Fix shower in bathroom and maybe even swap out my bathtub and replace it with washer and dryer from kitchen.  NEW SHOWER – August 2009!  It looks great.  One day I may swap out the bath tub but right now, it’s fine as it.
  • Get siding fixed in courtyard– I melted siding in two places because I didn’t move the grill far enough away when cooking. I’ve learned my lesson but the wall never healed. Fixed August 2009- I called Anthony, the guy who takes care of my community and he sent a handyman over who replaced the melted siding with new siding in a slightly different shade.  I am going to assume the color difference is owed to the sun and will even out.. eventually.
  • New Garage Door – Basically I was told if I don’t fix the door, my association would fine me.  I decided to get a whole new door even though that was the most expensive option.  The lower half had already been replaced and the top portion was separating.  Sure I could have gone cheap but it would have come back to bite me.  I knew it.  So I got a whole new door – ACCOMPLISHED AUGUST 2009


  • Get Motorcycle License  Accomplished 4/23/2010
  • Cook
  • Buy or build a desktop computer. 12/28/2009 Bought a desktop computer from T&S Computer and Upgrades!


  • Business Card Scanner
  • Wireless Printer

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  3. di

    Hi, Donna

    I have been looking for that Capt Zoom thing for years. It was so cool to be able to send that link to my brother today for his 45th birthday.
    Love your clips. You must have grown up in the Phila area. 🙂

    Thanks again for some good stuff!

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