Hi! My name is Donna and this is my Web site!

I have been turning into Wonder Woman as long as I can remember:
Watch me spin!

I started blogging back in the late 90’s– pre-blogger. Even before that I wrote in a journal. I still write in a journal. I apparently can’t get enough of myself.

I was born in 1974. I am unmarried. I have no children. I am an independent woman, throw your arms up at me. My life has been spent feeling very much the outsider. It may have something to do with my height and dark complexion. I’ve spent a large portion of my life living vicariously through movies from the 30’s – 60’s. I am addicted to the Internet. My first crush was on Luke Skywalker. I rarely crush anymore. I rarely daydream anymore. I want to travel more. I want to live more. I love pizza and ice cream. I wish I had a cat or a dog. I just hate the shedding. Yeah.


Just in case you are kinda curious as to the rules of this place, I feel Dolly Parton put it best in her song Little Bitty Pissant Country Place from the musical, The Best Little Whore House in Texas:

It’s just a little bitty pissant country place
Ain’t nothin’ much to see
No drinking allowed, we get a nice quiet crowd, plain as it can be…

I pay the food and the rent and the utilities
You keep your mind on your work responsibilities
Don’t let your mouth overload your capabilities
And we can get along

And any questions you might have about the way I run this place
Don’t gripe and whine behind my back
Just tell me face to face, I’m open-minded, say it all
Then go upstairs and pack, the door’s that way