I believe every person and blog deserve a theme song. Mine comes courtesy of Lou Reed. Please feel free to sing along!

We’re gonna have a real good time together
We’re gonna laugh and dance and shout together
Donna Na Na Na Na Na
Donna Na Na Na Na Na
Oh Oh Yeah now
Donna Na Na Na Na Na
Oh Oh Baby now

Two versions are included for your listening enjoyment. The first is my ex and I singing along to the Lou Reed song. The second is us going it alone. My favorite is the second version. These ditties were recorded back in 2009.

1 thought on “Song

  1. Derek

    How in the world did you get Lou Reed into the studio?

    Cool little site – I found it on a google search for Trent Carlini…! Not often I find someone my age with a healthy appreciation for a good Elvis Impersonator.

    Where are you anyway? I’m gonna guess LA…

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