Timeline of my Life

Concentrated on Jed. Horsebackriding Therapy. Paraprofessional, speech, OT, developmental preschool. Still waiting and trying not to go insane. Spoke at GSK, NBCUniveral, and Wharton. Visited Alexandria, VA with Ed. Took boys to Jim Thorpe, Lancaster, Hershey, Strasberg.  Worked on second edition of For Dummies book. Invested in GetUWired assistance. Photoshoot and new speaking Website. Got a therapist. Walking almost everyday, trainer twice a week.
So far… Raised rates. Took mom to LA, spoke at NBC/Universal, met Andy and Edra. Getting Jed help in adopting speech faster. Boys in preschool/daycare full time. Trying to expand mind – goals – dreams – vision. Hired personal trainer, getting physically fit.
Mom diagnosed with breast cancer. Vacationed at Key West with Eddie. Befriended neighbors down the street. Toured LinkedIn’s HQs. Spoke at Columbia University. Took boys to Disney World.
Mother of two little boys. Wrote a For Dummies book. 20 year college reunion.
Decided to have another baby. Got Jimmy a Nanny so I could work full time but still keep him near me.
Sleep deprived. Sold Condo. Bought home. Sold Eddie’s place. Got back to work. Business growing and expanding. Enjoying the transition to wife and mother. Watching Jimmy grow.
Met Eddie through eHarmony. Fell in love. Got pregnant. Became engaged. Moved to New Jersey. Got married. Became a stepmom. Gave birth to Jimmy. Became a mom. Published 2nd edition.
Adjusting to life without Dad. Angry at Rob. Dating Douche Bags. BUSINESS GROWING! Money flooding in. Finally decide it’s time to turn things around personally. Toured Europe with Mom, Lisa & Aunt Helen.
Marriage proposed, ring given, but it wasn’t right. Ring taken back. Dad died. Dumped. Life re-prioritized. 15-Year Rosemont Reunion. Published book.
Started own business. Began public speaking.
Displaced, Searching, Reorienting, Stretching self, decided to go after dream, also joined LA Fitness and began exercising almost regularly.
Making money but stressed, overworked, tired.
Selling. Stressed. Overworked. Tired. Cocoa put to sleep.
End of tenure with CCC. Displaced. Decided to reinvent myself as true sales professional. Met Robert. Fell in love.
Still traveling but then stopped. Not sure what was going to happen. Change clearly in the air. Bobo acquired.
Traveling to Chicago every week for work. Bought home. Realized independence.
Lily dies. More rejection on eHarmony. Key West Trip with Lisa. With 30 rapidly approaching, realization struck that I had to move out of my parent’s house. Started clearing out Nanny and Pop Pop’s house.
Searching for Love on Match.com and finding nothing but rejection.
The Heiko fantasy finally ended. Thank goodness. Started Donnaville. Then 9/11 happened.
Worked from Baltimore. Ate tons of crab and shrimp. Hung on.
Started working directly for CCC. Y2K. Told people the sky was falling. Almost started to believe it. Began to blog.
Worked with Dad. Dreamt of Heiko. Was visited by Heiko.
Ran a pretty good business with my Dad. Lot’s of learning. Went to Germany with the Berlin Bridge Exchange. Met Heiko. Nanny died. Lily came to live with us. Started my first Website.
Graduation. Thought I wanted to work in film/television. Attempted to break in. Woke up and decided to work for my Dad. Not as mad as I thought.
Junior year at Rosemont. Met Audra. Began acting. Got online for the first time.
Sophomore at Rosemont. Got my first laptop. Decided to major in Humanities. With a Concentration in Women’s Studies. And an interdisciplinary minor in German Literature. Clearly mad.
Freshman at Rosemont. Away from family for first time. Behaved self and concentrated on my studies. Met Catherine the Red and Suzette.
Went to Prom against all odds. High School Graduation. Decided to go to Rosemont. Pop Pop died. Sue Ball died.
Eleventh Grade. High School. Went to Germany on my own. Mom brought Kiwi home.
Tenth Grade. Met Erin. Craziness ensued.
Ninth Grade, new school, Boehm. Joined Track and chose Shot Put and Discus.
Eighth grade. Did okay. Started to figure out good grades were tied more to attitude and kissing ass than anything else. Started doing better.
Had little circle of friends. Got Cocoa. Granny died.
Sixth grade. Started a new school, Pennwood. Met Vickie, my new best friend. Found the Monkees. My cat Whiskers died.
Fifth grade. My nerd and outsider status totally solidified this year. Started Karate. Fly in plane for first time– to California.
Fourth grade with Mrs Vierverker. Met Usha, my new best friend. Actually felt okay this year. Except my father had all my hair cut off. Now I totally fit the role of misfit.
Third Grade with Mrs Eberhart. Told me I should hold the snowflake in the class singing performance. Dana decided she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. I began to realize that I was totally right about my uselessness.
Second Grade with Mrs Rion. Loved her but really began to have doubts as to my self-worth. I don’t know where this stemmed from.
First Grade with Mrs Coleman, Dana was in class with me.
Kindergarten with Mrs Semmel, the bitch. Dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween that year. Never felt prettier or more powerful.
Met my first best friend Dana and traveled with her to Gym Jam in her mother’s light blue station wagon and every day we sang The Little Drummer Boy on the way there and home.
Loved dancing the YMCA by the Village People.
New House in Yardley. Finally figured out how to stand on my head. Swimming and Bouncing at the YMCA’s Gym Jam. Eating cold chicken from Pathmark on the ride home
My sister was born. I remember the day she was born. I remember watching her sleep. Had my eye operated on. No longer cross eyed. Brought home Whiskers with Nanny, tempting her step by step with pieces of cheese. Immediately I was hers and she mine.
Living in Levittown, loved mirrors and hats and wigs and toilet seats and anything else I could put on my head. I loved the end of the Mary Tyler Moore show when the kitten would say, “Meow!” My dad was big and tall and my mom was soft and warm.
On September 1, 1974 a large bolt of lightning struck the ground outside of my parents’ bedroom. Hiding in my mother’s tummy, heard the bolt and decided to start pushing my way out. I was born the next day which was Labor Day: September 2, 1974.

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