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Hot ElvisWhat’s up? Wuz up!?

My early rising routine is slowly going away. I went from 5:00 to 5:30 to 6:00. This morning, I awoke at 6 but didn’t move until 6:30.

Last night I went to the Bensalem Amphitheater and saw two Elvis Tribute Artists perform. As an encore, they came out together and dueted on Viva Las Vegas. I almost wish they had done more of that… something a little anachronistic, a little odd. Maybe performed a Righteous Brothers’ song together. I really like the idea of two Elvises… young and old, singing together.

At any rate, Labor Day is rapidly approaching and along with Labor Day comes my birthday. I will be turning 38, people. I started this Website when I was 22 and I started blogging when I was 25! Heck, remember when I turned 30?

It feels strange and I want to rebel but I am very aware that the only alternative is death so I might as well buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Besides, things have gotten better for me. The passing of my father actually has ushered in some amazing things… of course I would give it all up to get him back but it doesn’t work like that. I remember my dad telling me when he turned 40 he said to his mother, “Ilya, your baby’s turned 40!” I’m not 40 yet but I keep thinking, “Jimmie, your baby’s turning 38!” Effit. I guess the big lesson of the day is to get your heart checked regularly.

What other news do I have? I am on the Tim Ferris, 4 Hour Body, Slow Carb Diet. I am eating nothing but egg whites, spinach, salsa, chicken, lettuce, black beans, guac, coffee, water, and oodles and oodles of wine! I am down 10 lbs at a weight I haven’t seen since… oh gosh, The Baltic Sea? What year was that? 2000? Maybe earlier… I can’t remember.

Hoagies and love

At noon I could take the hunger pangs no more so I got in my car and drove to Wawa where I bought an Italian hoagie. Sitting at my kitchen table, I unwrapped the sloppy sandwich and abruptly broke into tears. All I could think about was my father. Ever since I was a little girl he and I would go to Wawa and buy an Italian hoagie to share. In fact, two days before he died, I surprised him with an Italian hoagie from the White House in Atlantic City. We sat together and talked about my book and business as we ate. I had no idea I would only see him one more time alive.

I miss him so much.

A tip from me to you…

A couple days ago, a craft/home design blogger I follow, gave a tip that got tons of attention and kudos. The tip was instead of leaving your cell phones charging in the kitchen exposed to all eyes, buy an Orla Kiely cookie jar from Target and store your cell phone chargers in it when unused. People LOVED this tip. It just seems so silly to me.

orla-kielySo here’s my tip. When opening up a can of Hungry Man Clam Chowder Soup for lunch, and knowing that a serving size is only 1, pour half into a second bowl, cover it with saran wrap and place immediately into the refrigerator. This way, tomorrow, all you have to do is pop it into the microwave and you have an even easier lunch!!!

Haluski Sunday

Pookie Bear asked me to make Haluski for dinner. I can’t wait! There’s a part of me that really wants to make real Haluski dumplings with flour and water… but then I snap back to reality.

Haluski for dinner means I have to run to the store and buy egg noodles, a head of cabbage, a large onion, bacon and butter.

I don’t use the garlic salt but I do use salt and pepper.

Bumps in the night

My heat pump appears to be ailing. Won’t turn on. Maybe it’s just refusing based on the month? I don’t know but I’ll have to call ole Ray although I am considering calling someone else because it just seems odd that once a year since Ray put the darn thing in, I have to call him to come out. You’d think I’d get a good ten years out of it, right? Whatever.

I’ve been eating a lot of sugar the past few days and I can really feel it poisoning my system. Why oh why does sugar have to be so bad but taste so good? Why can’t I be like one of those people who scrape the frosting off their cake? You know that type. “Ewwww! It’s too sweet!” Me on the other hand, I’d gladly eat an entire tub of icing. In fact, back when I worked at Cramer’s bakery, I was responsible for squeezing out the old frosting from the the icing bags… I was constantly tempted to just empty it into my belly rather than the garbage. There’s no moral to this story, folks.

Dinner Tip

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you and are looking for an easy dinner option, I highly suggest their Chicken Serenada. I made it for dinner yesterday and it was really EASY and very very yummy! Serve it with some rice– in fact it takes about the same time to cook as rice. Talk about convenient!
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