Happy Birthday, Donnaville!

My birthday is tomorrow but there’s an even more significant birthday coming up the day after. On September 3, 2001, I purchased the domain Donnaville.com.

Happy Birthday, Donnaville

YEP! 10 years folks! Amazing longevity for a girl with nothing to say!

Let’s take a look back at all the different incarnations of Donnaville.

Here is a screenshot of the very first post… note how it is dated September 2… I have no clue why the dates don’t match up. I am 99.9% sure I placed the order on September 2 because I distinctly remember it was a birthday present for myself. Whatever.


Just a few days later, planes crashed into the Twin Towers and so much changed.

A few months later I ditched the default blogger template and came up with my own design. This may also signal the end of my usage of Blogger and the beginning of Movable Type. I simply can’t remember.

2001, a few months later

The next design that I have evidence of is from 2004:


What I LOVED about this design are the pictures on the left hand side. I would take pictures with my cell phone and upload them to BUZZNET which would then update on Donnaville. You can see an archive of all those pictures, if you want.

I am pretty sure I must have changed the design between 2004 and 2007 but I never took any screenshots. I recall a very 60’s looking design with a fish eye background that my father HATED! Sadly, I can’t find any screenshots of it. I think it was probably around 2007 that I made the move to WordPress. Here’s the 2007 design:


In 2009, I updated my theme to Thesis. It looked like this:

A year or so later, I played around with it a bit:


Now it looks like this:

Prior to September 3, 2001, I had a Website on Geocities. If memory serves me, I started the Geocities page sometime in November of 1996. This is how it looked back in those old days:


And here’s a recreation of the old page.

Ten years with Donnaville, 15 years total. That’s a lot of words.

Looking back, it’s been a fun ride. You’ve been there with me as a I’ve had fun, traveled, lost pets, got dumped, dated, bought a house, fell in love, got fired, hired, fired, hired, started a business, had my heart shattered, lost my dad, and who knows what else is in store ahead. I have no intention of stopping. And I have no intention of getting interesting. In the immortal words of Popeye (words my father would often say as well), I am what I am.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Donnaville!

  1. Donna Post author

    I haven’t been and I don’t intend to start… I am out dating but I won’t be giving the run downs of the dates as I had that last time. In a way, I think that wallowing in the negative was hurting me more than anything back then.

    I have even stopped the Pookie bashing… not worth it, not healthy, not in the class of person I strive to be.

  2. gerald harrington

    Wow. Ten years, that’s a lot! I’m always interested in checking in and seeing what’s happening in your world. You seem to live a fun and interesting life and are willing to make an effort to create a venue to provide human interest and insight into life. This benefits others. It’s the people who create that make things other people are enriched by and so congratulations on your 10 year effort.

  3. Rob Booth

    Wow, and I’ve been reading since around 2004, so seven years?

    Probably a good idea on not love-life blogging. Maybe in an established relationship it’d be ok, but while courting…

    Most importantly, happy birthday!

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