Hurricane Shenanigans

I am tired, guys. Plum tired. Didn’t sleep well last night. Had odd dreams I was alternately at a Beach House and Project Runway. I kept finding myself naked in front of people and the fright of it kept waking me up.

Hurricane Irene wasn’t so bad. I lost power before she even began. It stayed off until Sunday afternoon. There was a lot of rain and a lot of wind. Trees came down and creeks flooded. I stayed home alone and read some of 4 Hour Work Week. There are still roads closed but otherwise most everything is back to normal.

On Friday, Audra and I toured Pottsville, home of Audra and Yuengling Brewery. We were recipients of the very first walking tour of Pottsville by their Visitor’s Center and we toured the Yuengling Brewery. I enjoyed learning more about Pottsville and now I want to read some John O’Hara books.

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