Bumps in the night

My heat pump appears to be ailing. Won’t turn on. Maybe it’s just refusing based on the month? I don’t know but I’ll have to call ole Ray although I am considering calling someone else because it just seems odd that once a year since Ray put the darn thing in, I have to call him to come out. You’d think I’d get a good ten years out of it, right? Whatever.

I’ve been eating a lot of sugar the past few days and I can really feel it poisoning my system. Why oh why does sugar have to be so bad but taste so good? Why can’t I be like one of those people who scrape the frosting off their cake? You know that type. “Ewwww! It’s too sweet!” Me on the other hand, I’d gladly eat an entire tub of icing. In fact, back when I worked at Cramer’s bakery, I was responsible for squeezing out the old frosting from the the icing bags… I was constantly tempted to just empty it into my belly rather than the garbage. There’s no moral to this story, folks.

2 thoughts on “Bumps in the night

  1. Gomer

    Heat pumps…

    Also known as the “HVAC Service Tech’s retirement vehicle”.

    Ole’ Ray thanks you for employment security.

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