Trader Chuck

Yesterday I went to the Trader Joe’s in Princeton to find that they now carry Three Buck Chuck! This means I can stay in an intoxicated stupor more often since I don’t have to drive all the way to Westfield, NJ to get my fix of cheap vino.

The wind blew so hard yesterday that there were areas that lost electricity! Fortunately, the electricity in my home stayed on.

Did you watch last night’s Saturday Night Live with Betty White? What a hoot! I watched almost the entire show and that rarely happens! I even sat through the JZ performance. By the way, what in the world was that?!? Do people really find him entertaining? How in the world did he get his start? When he was a little boy did his parents encourage him to pace around ranting incoherently? What possessed him to think he had the talent to record albums? And even more so, who signed him? I really want to take these people by the hand and sit them in front of my record player and have them listen to some good music because clearly they have never been exposed to melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics or any type of pleasant sound, if they think this JZ is compelling.

Speaking of music, Rhapsody split off from Real Networks which makes me very happy. I never liked Real Networks because back in the 90’s their RealPlayer annoyed the hell out of me. Not only did Rhapody split from Real Networks, they are now allowing their users to access their music database from our smart phones! This means I can queue up and listen to The Neanderthals, Los Straitjackets, Katie Melua, Serge Gainsbourg, etc.. on my HTC Hero’s tiny tinny speaker.

As you may know, for years I have been seeking an affordable way to stream music throughout my house. I was beginning to think my best bet was to have Internet radios set up in the different rooms. But now I am thinking I just need speakers and I can use my Hero as the Internet Radio. The problem that then presents itself is that the Hero’s battery is quickly exhausted and so I would need to purchase additional power cords or I would need to move the power cord with the Hero… it always get complicated.

8 thoughts on “Trader Chuck

  1. B. Davis

    Get wid it, girlfriend! Dat brutha’s name be JAY-Z,
    not JZ! You ain’t got NO street cred! How old are you??????? Wikipedia says that the ultra-talented JAY-Z is worth $150 milllion. As the musical genius Coolio once jabbered “We keep spending most our lives living in a gangsta’s paradise. Power in the money, money in the power, minute after minute, hour after hour.” Who needs talent and taste when you got cold hard cash? Peace out.

  2. Audra

    Donna, from what I understand, he financed himself and started his own independent record label. He’s also got his own clothing line, and part owner of at least one sports team, and a beauty line, AND he married Beyonce, so there has to be something there. The guy’s got some enviable entrepreneurism skills, whatever your opinion of his musical ability. But I have to agree he sounded just awful on SNL last night. Betty White was hilarious–I loved the muffin sketch!

  3. B. Davis

    Wayne Huizenga is a multi-zillionaire who grew Waste Management, Inc. from a one garbage truck operation into a Fortune 500 company. He diversified from the trash business into another businesses — Blockbuster Video and AutoNation and part ownership of the Miami Dolphins football team. Whereas Mr. Huizenga built a fortune from disposing of garbage, Jay-Z and other rap “artists” have made a fortune from creating and distributing garbage. Perhaps Mr. Huizenga will eventually figure a way of disposing of all the Jay-Z / Coolio / Lil Wayne / Snoop Dog garbage, and then the circle of life will be completed.

  4. Donna Post author

    I had never heard of JZ before– he may be an entrepreneur but his music sucks. At least now I can understand how he got where he is– through self-financing. I do admire his confidence and belief in himself because honestly, once again, his music SUCKS.

  5. Gomer

    Define “spinsterish”

    From Websters: One who has never heard of JZ.

    I think his music sucks as well, and I am aware of your disdain for my musical taste. At least we can agree on something.

    That being said, unless you get your culture from a HAM radio, you’ve heard of JZ.

  6. Donna Post author

    I probably have heard of him in some manner but it never stuck in my head. My TV viewing is reruns of La Femme Nikita and The Avengers. My radio is tuned to the Elvis station on Sirius XM and the time I spend on the Internet is creating content and reading blogs that don’t talk about rappers. I like to stay blissfully ignorant about today’s pop culture.

  7. B. Davis

    The product of today’s “entertainment” industry is not unlike raw sewage that’s been dumped into the local river, and all the young people are encouraged by the industry music meisters to swim in it. Look at Miley Cyrus’ latest video, if you dare. This is manufactured housing/trailer trash entertainment.

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