Watched Crazy Heart the other day. Liked it enough. Maybe a little more since I keep thinking about it. I had heard it was based on Waylon Jennings (whom I love) but watching it, even though I kept thinking, “sweatin’ like Waylon,” I wondered if Kris Kristofferson was the true inspiration.

Check out this video I found of a young Waylon Jennings. He is SO HANDSOME and reminds me of Don Draper from Mad Men even though I’ve never seen an episode of Mad Men.

I wonder why pomade doesn’t make a comeback for men? It’s probably a good thing because doilies would also then stage a comeback as well and I am not a doily fan.

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  1. B. Davis

    When I saw the movie I thought Bridges’ character was an amalgam of Texas Outlaw musicians — a little bit Willie, a little bit Waylon, a little bit Kris. (Well, maybe not Kris, who was a Rhodes Scholar). Bridges’ girlfriend in this movie is from Enid, Oklahoma, which is where some of my mother’s family is from. Being from Texas, I identified with this movie a lot (although I’m not exactly a big country music fan)….if you’re ever in Fort Worth, Texas, drop by Billy Bob’s Texas(“the world’s largest honky tonk”) and soak up all the Crazy Heart atmosphere. You can be my guest.

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