In her shiny tights, fighting for our rights

There’s a pic out of the new Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

I am really excited that it’s finally here! Yeah, a movie would have been awesome but a television show is even better. Looking at this picture a few things come to mind. One of which is I have turned into my mother. All I want to say is, “Honey, your hair is stringy! Brush it out! And here’s some toilet paper… BLOT!”

The one thing I can’t escape is the feeling I am looking at a Halloween catalog pic. The outfit looks kinda cheap. And I should know! My Wonder Woman costume was made out of felt. Clearly, her costume isn’t matted woolen fibers… but the shine! Wowzers! Regardless, I do like the outfit. I think it’s awesome that rather than giving us tits and ass they just went with tits. Love the feminum bracelets and golden lasso. I do miss the stars. The boots are pretty awesome. She’s a tall girl. I bet they were custom made for her.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “In her shiny tights, fighting for our rights

  1. Donna Post author

    Wait just one gosh darned second! Do you remember the outfit Cathy Lee Crosby wore? It was not at all sexy! Looked like an Olympics sweat suit.

    I think this outfit is sexy– you can’t see the skin on her legs but you can see everything else.

    I think my problem is that she’s not Lynda Carter… but I will deal with it. She seems awfully young but I heard she’s the same age as Lucy Lawless was when she took on Xena. It’s funny how different age seems when you are on the other side of it.

    Plus I am curious about the plot– the article that I saw made reference to Diana Prince’s company…. which makes me think that perhaps there is no Steve Trevor and perhaps Diana isn’t a Yeoman in the Navy.

  2. B. Davis

    You had to call me out on Cathy Lee Gifford, didn’t you

    You are correct that Cathy Lee was a bit more covered up in that role, but notice that Lynda Carter’s more revealing costume is the one that nearly everyone recalls. Supergirl also dressed (or un-dressed) in that Lynda
    Carter style. Like it or not, the entertainment industry’s producers/directors have favored more scantily attired
    comic book heroines. And note that Lucy Lawless didn’t wear any shiny vinyl suit. TV producers (prime example: Aaron Spelling) have known for ages what attracts an audience (especially male), and it ain’t vinyl suits. But this new version of Wonder Woman is very pretty, almost Megan Fox-pretty, so the show will probably be a hit no matter what the costume.

    But as someone once told me “You never had to WONDER if Lynda Carter was a WOMAN”.

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