Chilly Willy

I turned off the heat. My last bill was 300.00 which was really abnormal. I am not sure if it’s because it’s been super cold and my heat has been cranking or if it’s this energy deregulation and I now should read more from HVAC Direct and change the whole system. I have had so many people tell me I should start selling energy. It’s supposedly easy and lucrative. I don’t care. The people selling it may be making money hand over fist but they come across as zombies to me. All network marketers do. Okay, almost all. I am sure there are some good network marketing opportunities out there… somewhere. It’s when people are more concerned with building a pyramid than selling a product that my bullshit alert goes off. Whatever.

My second proof came in on Friday. The inside is fine except I found a couple tiny typos. The cover also has an issue. It’s not centered correctly. I have a call in to the printer and I am waiting for their response. I have no intention of going through another proof round. I figure I will see what they have to say about the cover, hopefully it’s their fault. And then I’ll upload the new interior and rather than wait for the proof to arrive, I’ll just approve it early and go with it. That’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

Last night, Poopie and I watched an episode of Night Gallery on Hulu. It’s an episode that really freaked out my parents when it first aired. I remember them both individually telling me about the episode numerous times while growing up.

It stars Lawrence Harvey who sports the most lovely sideburns! They look quite a bit like Pookie’s burns. Let me tell you, the episode is awesome. And I wonder if it was actually a mistake or if it was done intentionally… by Tommy or maybe Rhona? This little tidbit shouldn’t ruin anything… in fact, I already new the outcome from the beginning… I wish I could have taken it in fresh though.

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  1. B. Davis

    About 6 years ago an old “friend” came around trying to sell me deregulated electrity. Actually, the guy was an old school chum of my brother, but the point is that
    multi-level marketing types will seize upon any opportunity to peddle a product….and exploit “friendships”…and make enemies.

    Many years ago an old “friend” from high school asked if he could come to my house and tell me about an exciting new product he was selling. For 20 minutes he talked excitedly about an opportunity which was too good to be true!!!!…yet he didn’t reveal the opportunity’s name until the end of the pitch.

    Of course you know the name of this awesome opportunity: Amway. I kicked his ass out my house, and I haven’t spoken with him in 20 years.

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