Bob’s Vulgar Burgers

I think it was on Sunday that I caught the rebroadcast of Bob’s Burgers pilot episode. It was so vulgar! I couldn’t stop laughing.

It reminded me of something that happened to me once when I was in college. Audra’s roommate was a Japanese Exchange Student. Yasuyo was quite a bit different than most of the other Japanese Exchange Students. She didn’t spend all her time hiding under her bed like the others.

Yasuyo didn’t like me. I never really understood why. It couldn’t have been because I memorized a ton of filthy Japanese phrases and often threw them into conversation just to see her face contort up.

Koko wa kankoku? Datte inu no aji ga surunda mon.

And I am sure it had nothing to do with how I would often play Yoko Ono songs for her.

I remember the one time she said, “Doe-na! Turn that off!”

“Why, Yasuyo?”

“Because what Yoko says makes me uncomfortable!”

“What is Yoko saying?”

“Yoko says, ‘I want to lie with you in a sexual way’!!!!!”

At any rate, one day I finally asked Yasuyo why she didn’t like me.

“I don’t like you because you are….. how you say?…” She went to her Japanese-English Dictionary and looked up a word. She pointed at it, “See? VUL-GAR!”

Watching Bob’s Burgers and laughing at the itchy crotch jokes, I realized that Yasuyo was absolutely correct. I am vulgar. But not as vulgar as that show. Holy cow! How do they get away with that on broadcast television?

2 thoughts on “Bob’s Vulgar Burgers

  1. gomer

    If YOU are considered vulgar, that does not bode well for those of us claiming to have perfected the art.

    I better step it up a bit.

  2. B. Davis

    Thanks for the Bob’s Burgers review. Now through the miracle of YouTube I know more about the sexually deviant minds that created this series. In other words, another typical Fox Show has been hatched.

    Remember when the word “adult” was synonymous with wisdom and maturity? Then how did the word “unadulterated” come to mean “free from impurities”. In other words, when did “adult” become “impure”?

    And on the same vibe, remember when “edgy” meant “nervous”? “Leave Donna alone. She’s feeling edgy today.” Now “edgy” mean….well, it means VULGAR.

    So you’re not vulgar, Donna. You’re just edgy.
    But not really. You’re actually PG to PG-13. YOU need to step it up (more sex and violence) if you want to earn the Fox Edgy Merit Badge.

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