I meant no harm! Truly!

Yeah, I ruffled some feathers with my last post… namely my father’s. He was very very very angry that I would engage in something so very blasphemous. I tried to explain my motive…I wanted to share something weird and kinda funny. He told me what I am doing is shameful and I am fooling myself. I don’t know who is right. Am I doing something terribly wrong? Or is it really just silly? I can’t seem to get upset about it. My own personal Jesus doesn’t have a problem with it. People are different, especially regarding faith. If I offended you, please know I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or denigrate your Lord.

17 thoughts on “I meant no harm! Truly!

  1. B. Davis

    No problem. But to balance the “Elvis As Jesus” caricature you should now cast Ann-Margret as the Virgin Mary. Viva Las Sodom and Gomorrah!

  2. B. Davis

    Three hot button topics guaranteed to inflame emotions:
    sex, religion, politics. Of those three, I have a favorite.
    But seriously, isn’t it great living in a country where you can offend other people and not have your head sawed off by camel jockeys?

  3. Donna Post author

    I’ve been thinking of Mohammed… and I would never ever make a comparison between Mohammed and Elvis. Isn’t that odd– maybe not– since I rarely if ever think of Mohammed. But also, he is not my God. I’ve only been thinking about Mohammed because it did dawn on me that if I was making that comparison, I could be killed. Maybe I am okay with the Elvis and Jesus thing because Jesus is my God. Or maybe I am just justifying my own bad taste.

    FWIW, I lurve Nancy Sinatra but she too offends me as Virgin Mary…. WHY DO I HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR WHEN IT COMES TO MARY?!?!

  4. B. Davis

    FWIW — a lot of hispanics have no problem naming their male offspring “Jesus” (pronounced with a Spanish accent, of course), and no offense is taken. But if a teddy bear is named Mohammed, all hell breaks loose!
    I love Nancy Sinatra, too. Any adolescent male from that era will attest to her ability to stir up hormones. She got Elvis’s motor running in “Speedway”. I realize now that Mary Tyler Moore would make the best Virgin Mary…she was an “Elvis Girl” and she played a nun (didn’t she?) or maybe an ex-nun….in “Change Of Habit”. Perfect fit. Of course I’m joking. It’s not really kosher to poke fun at others’ religious beliefs.

  5. Donna Post author

    Re: Change of Habit… MTM played a nun in DISGUISE! She pretended to be a normal, non-nun and in so doing got herself under Elvis’s skin. Elvis, played an inner city DOCTOR!!!! Oddly enough, he was quite convincing. Elvis couldn’t understand why MTM was so standoffish but at the end she comes out in a habit and the movie ends with everyone in church. One of my favorites and it’s the movie that has the song number Rubberneckin’

  6. Kozaburo

    Constructive criticism: I don’t think the images are funny enough to overcome the offense factor. Oh, and Mojo Nixon already did this years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_hkIN38qnY

    Making blasphemy funny is a tricky thing. “Buddy Christ” was funny because it really captured “felt banner decorations Catholicism” in a single silly image (which oddly enough reminds me of the new Burger King “mascot”). It was less making fun of Jesus Christ than of the followers who try to make Him out to be a peaceful hippy who wuvvs you! Clever, bizarre, recognizable, and naughty.

    Elvis as a Byzantine icon might be a start. It’s clever and bizarre, not just bizarre. Fits several of Scott Adams’ “funny points”: http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/the_dilbert_blog/2007/07/writing-funny.html

    Your dad will probably be outraged. I’d probably be outraged too. Oh, and you’ll probably be excommunicated by Metropolitan Basil himself. But you’ll get hits!

  7. Donna Post author

    That’s not Nancy Sinatra– that’s Anita Mann (horrible name, right?). She was a choreographer and often showed up dancing in Elvis movies. I specifically recall her in Live a Little Love a Little.

  8. B. Davis

    By jove, you are right. Now I am totally disillusioned.
    Thinking for innumerable eons that my object of lust was Nancy, and now Anita Mann. No I don’t!

    Did you know (of course you do) that there’s an odd
    connection between Elvis movies and the TV series
    Star Trek? For instance, Teri Garr.

    Also, thanks for that restaurant review that has my
    stomach clamoring for enormous amounts of carbohydrates.. Your ability to stay slender while consuming delicious food is akin to building an anti-gravity machine. (I’m picturing you with a finger down your throat. That’s the secret….right?)

    While we’re on the subject of blasphemy (how’s that for a smooth transition), did it ever occur to you (now I’m really on thin ice) that Christianity has some odd quirks?
    For instance…..for hundreds of years Jesus has been portrayed as a long-haired, fair-skinned wisp of a man,
    almost British in a medieval sort of way. How did a Jew from Palestine end up looking like Prince Valiant? Also, how come his disciples come with British boarding school names? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John? Shouldn’t they be named Irving, Morey, Seymour, and Shecky? You can thank me later for redirecting your dad’s wrath from you to me.

  9. rosalie

    A friend of mine loves to remind me that Jesus was a Jew. Your argument sounds more than reasonable…..I think I will forward it to her. Mazel toff …….and no, I don’t know how to spell it.

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