Elvis & Jesus

I started up a new blog. It’s on Tumblr. It’s weird sh*t.


I’ve been collecting photos, books, albums, etc… that pair together Elvis and Jesus for quite sometime. I don’t have any anti-Jesus, anti-Christianity motive. I simply find it a fascinating juxtaposition. My favorite images are the ones that are truly genuine. The person who created it wasn’t trying to be rude or sacrilegious. They just wanted to combine two of their loves… I guess. I dunno.

That’s it. Click the link if you dare.

4 thoughts on “Elvis & Jesus

  1. gomer

    I once tried to combine two of my loves, but once we got into bed they would not go through with it.

  2. B. Davis

    About 5 years ago I told my brother that Elvis was the
    White Trash Savior-King. — the Las Vegas Holy Man wrapped in karate jumpsuit swaddling clothes. Prepare ye the way of the Lord Almighty I Feel My Temperature Risin. Wise men say “Only Fools Rush In”, then they bring gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Am I making sense? God, I hope not.

  3. rosalie

    Is that all there is? I expected a large number of pictures, paintings, poems, hallucinations, etc…..

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