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My father sent me a clip of Sharon Osbourne attacking a contestant on a reality show she hosts. My father said he wishes she would just go back to England and stay there. He then said, it would be nice if all the English actors would just go back to England. I asked him why he feels that way. He said you would never see an American on the BBC. They have actual laws over there that you must hire local talent. I think its the same way in Canada. Many of my favorite shows were filmed in Canada. I always saw the same faces over and over again. Many times in the same series just playing different parts. It became a game to me- Where have I last seen that Canadian Character Actor? That guy played Nikita’s boyfriend, he was also the cop that went bad in Forever Knight, and he replaced Ray Vecchio in Due South.

This evening I put in my latest Netflix movie, La Buche. Watching scenes of snowy Paris roads, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite movies, Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night with Maude) directed by Eric Rohmer. The movie discusses Pascal’s famous wager as well as temptation. It’s a good film. At any rate, after watching La Buche, I went onto IMDB to find out a little bit more about the movie and guess what!?! The mother in La Buche was portrayed by Françoise Fabian WHO ALSO PORTRAYED MAUD! I know! My head just spins! Another interesting connection I found was with the movie, On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song). Charlotte Gainsbourg was in La Bouche, and her mom Jane Birkin was in On connaît la chanson, and Sabine Azéma was in both! I would love to see On connaît la chanson again. The movie had a novel premise, you see the characters reveal their inner emotional states by bursting out in song— but it’s not them singing, it’s clear they are lip syncing along to an old song. It’s kinda weird but it worked somehow.

Check it out:

I think the reason for the fight is that Sabine found out that a building is going to be erected right in front of her new apartment and wreck her gorgeous view. I could be wrong though.

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  1. Donna Post author

    I did forget! But so true! In fact Xena is a great example because she started off in Hercules as a Centaur’s wife and then a couple eps later– she was XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS!

    (Gosh, I miss that show!)

  2. Donna Post author

    Although– thinking about it– is there a law in New Zealand that states you must use Kiwi actors or was the reason just that they are on a rather secluded island so they just don’t have a large pool of actors to draw from?

  3. Audra

    I don’t think there’s a law. There were some complaints about Kiwi actors not getting main roles in that new Raimi/Tapert show filmed there. Also didn’t think it was a LAW in England, just filmmakers’ choice. JK Rowling requested all European actors for main parts there–even a French actress for the French student. If it was a law, how did Renee Zellweiger get to play Bridget Jones?

  4. Donna Post author

    I am positive there is a law in Canada because I recall reading an article that stated that a production filming in Canada must use a certain % of Canadian actors. I have no clue about England, only that my father said that they must use English actors first. How Renee got the role of BJ— I suppose there are ways to get around it if it is a law. I remember Gwyneth Paltrow played Emma– perhaps there are other examples as well.

  5. Audra

    Ah, I also just read that it is more expensive for Brits to hire American actors, whereas Brits tend to work for less than american actors on American shows–that is one reason why we see the crossover one way, but not t’other.

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