Trying to heal myself

I climbed back into bed and laid there perfectly straight. I tried to think healthy thoughts. At around 10:30 I decided it was time and I showered and dressed. Am I feeling better? I think so. I better, I refuse to get sick.

My father sent me a Youtube video of Steve Jobs delivering a commencement speech at Stanford back in 2005. He said to believe in God (although he never said God, he said gut, self, Karma, etc) that there is a purpose to everything, you may not see it at first but looking back it will make sense. He also said you have one life- your life- and you must live it the way you want. Find your passion and take risks. It is especially poignant since Jobs is obviously having some health issues now.

1 thought on “Trying to heal myself

  1. B. Davis

    The irony of Steve Jobs’ statement is that in order
    for him to live the life HE
    wants he had to convince
    thousands of people to subjugate themselves to
    Apple, Inc. rules and regulations. For every free
    spirit out there “living his dreams” there are 100 corporate drones making sure he does.

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