From good to worse and back again

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I succumbed. I got back into bed and stayed there. Pookie visited me after work. He brought me soup and made me tea. I began to feel a bit better. This morning sees me feeling not 100% but not so bad that I need to be in bed. I’ve been talking to recruiters and the jobs they got are not interesting me in any way. In fact, they scare me a bit. Maybe I am just being cynical but they all seem to be cold call until your feet curl, no one wants the product-nightmares.

I keep trying to figure out what I want to do. I want to help people buy the right software solutions for their unique needs and help them adopt it successfully. Can that be? Or am I saying that because that’s what I’ve been doing? If I could do anything- what would I do? Nothing. I’d surf the web and update my blog. I’d go on walks and watch movies. See, that’s the difference between Steve Jobs and me. Steve Jobs thinks, “I’ll create a graphical operating system for the masses and a CGI animation studio! And I just want to surf the web. I really do like creating Web pages. However ever since simple HTML was replaced with CSS and DHTML, etc, I can’t imagine it’s something I can do. I once took a C/C++ course and I COULDN’T FINISH IT! I DROPPED OUT! My mind doesn’t work in that way. And to top it all off, I am not all that artistic. So how silly is this? Can I be a freelance Webpage designer using a 1 click install of WordPress and WordPress themes? I could target extremely small businesses and hope they don’t want me to change a column width. I feel like I am flailing. Maybe it’s time for me to go back to bed. I don’t feel well.

4 thoughts on “From good to worse and back again

  1. Donna Post author

    I supposed they might (but it is still doubtful)– although I can’t imagine I would go back if invited. It was time for me to move on.

  2. Kozaburo

    There’s always scientific/engineering software sales (Matlab, Mathematica, ProE, MathCad, SAS, etc.).

    CSS is something you can learn by reading books and looking at others’ pages. Like anything else, you get better by doing. You’re probably better than you think with WordPress- you’ve been blogging for years!

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