Geek wishes

I want an easy way to quickly add people from email to my contacts list. Something that parses their email signature and sends the info to the correct contact fields.

I want a way to keep all my contacts synced across all the platforms… Facebook and LinkedIn and Gmail and my Worldcard Scanner, etc… Does Plaxo do this?

I want Gmail Contacts to interface with my WorldCard Scanner or at least allow syncing or at the very least allow the embedding of the business card image into the contact entry.

I want an easy way to turn emails into tasks that will then archive the email when the task is finished.

I want an easy way to have an email open but then still be able to go back into a previous email or check a contact record. Yes this is possible in Outlook since everything opens up in a new window but this is not possible in Gmail where it’s all done in one browser tab.

I wish I could rip apart email threads and rename subject lines since people are total asses and can’t seem to grasp the concept of giving the subject line a descriptive, short, summarizing phrase so when I need to go back it’s easy to find the email. AND they like to keep replying to emails even though they are now writing about totally different things.

I want to export gmail emails and import them into another gmail account, filters, folders, and all.

I want to see the acronym PUTPACMGD find popularity: Pick up the phone and call me God dammit!

I want my laptop to mirror my desktop.

I want Google Desktop to truly be a dashboard of shortcuts and view ports that make my life easier.

I want dockable applications/feeds.

I am sure there is more. What do you want?

9 thoughts on “Geek wishes

  1. gomer

    Oh, and one other thing I want:
    I want you, Donna, to spend half the effort you took to compile that list…and make a list of what you are so lucky to already have.

  2. Donna Post author

    I am lucky to have had the greatest father ever
    I am lucky that his death wasn’t worse because it could have been so much worse.
    I am lucky for my sister and mother
    I am lucky for my friends who have stood by me
    I am lucky that I am not going more insane than I am
    I am lucky I have my own business
    I am lucky that I am not in debt except for my house
    I am lucky to have recovered a much brighter future for myself even if its unknown and uncertain

  3. B. Davis

    I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.
    This message has been brought to you without commercial interruption by the Coca-Cola Company.

  4. Rob Booth

    I have considered applying for a job there as a project manager and that would be my first project. If they like what I did, they could keep me going on more projects. Unfortunately, they are in Austin and I’m in Houston. That’s a bit too much of a commute.

  5. Donna Post author

    I heard it’s extremely competitive and difficult getting into Google… there are IQ tests and essays etc…

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