A Slight Twist to an Old Theme

I’ve been contemplating it for quite sometime. Upgrading Thesis and tweaking the look of this here site. Since all I do anymore is design Websites and dwell on other such Web-related projects, I haven’t quite felt overly compelled to do it.

Today was different. I figured it was time. And so if you are reading donnaville on a rss reader, you may want to click on over to see the changes. New header…. although I did it YEARS ago and never used it, new fonts, new navigation bar, and I renamed the titles over on the sidebar. Figured maybe it was about time to really tout the age of this site. Can you believe I’ve been doing this since 1996!?! My first Website (care of Geocities) went up the winter of 1996, blogging commenced 1999 and I got my own domain in 2001. xena swing animated gifAnd if we really want to get technical, there was a Donna Warrior Princess Web site that Audra’s old old old ex-boyfriend put up for me in 1994, I think. Yeah. Donna Warrior Princess. Guess what that Website was about… I think I might have it saved on a floppy disk somewhere…. maybe.

I also filled up the image rotator with more pix of Bo.

3 thoughts on “A Slight Twist to an Old Theme

  1. B. Davis

    Your new header is retro mad-men lava lamp sexy.
    Miniskirt is fab. Groovy baby!

    Austin Powers

  2. B. Davis

    No, YOU are, baby! (flashing a snaggled-toothed Brit grin)

    Not to insult any Pennsylvanians (whom I love, by the way), and besides, my nephew now lives outside Pittsburgh….BUT, as a Dallas Cowboys fan I have
    painful memories regarding both Green Bay and Pittsburgh. I’m favoring Green Bay tomorrow mainly because they are NFC, they have good cheese, and secondarily because I’m not a fan of quarterbacks who assault women. (But I’m a fan of men who ogle women….I can’t help it, baby!). Aw, hell, you Philadelphia Eagles fans probably hate the Steelers too. Party on, NFC lovers!

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