Got another scarf

On Saturday I went to see Rockin’ Ron Cade’s Elvis and Friends Concert…. as a guest of Rockin’ Ron Cade himself! Yes, he sent me two tickets free of charge. I am hoping his sudden kindness isn’t associated with that blackout I suffered a few weeks ago. TEASING! I am just his biggest fan on Facebook and I think it was his way of getting rid of two unsold tickets.

It was a fun show and I enjoyed myself. Most of my fun came from playing with the lady sitting next to me. Before the show began, she announced she was the biggest Elvis fan ever and said, “I hope you aren’t easily embarrassed! I will very likely remove my panties and throw them at Sammy J!” Despite her boast, she was well-behaved but she got my inner schweinehund going! When I got a scarf, I leaned over to her and told her it was my 100th scarf! Later she asked me, “What do you think he looks like without the wig and sideburns? You think he’s bald?”

“Undoubtedly, it’s been my experience that it’s always disappointing seeing Elvis Stylists without their jumpsuits on.”

I can’t quite remember everything I said. I know I mentioned an Elvis Shrine in my living room and something about once seeing the transmogrification of the spirit of Elvis before my very eyes during a concert in Memphis. By the end of the night she told me that I was definitely the bigger Elvis fan.

Here’s the video I took of the evening:

5 thoughts on “Got another scarf

  1. gomer

    The question is which clothing item contained the most bacteria; the panties she was willing to throw or the scarf you grabbed. I would not want contact with either one.

  2. B. Davis

    Hey, Gomer…don’t be too hasty about condemning bacteria, your friend in disguise. For instance, probiotics such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are beneficial. What I’m saying is that being hit smack-dab in the face by a flying undergarment isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Psychologically and biologically speaking it can brighten your day.

    If being hit by flying undies were really dangerous, Tom Jones would have died 40 years ago.

    Inmate of Springfield Mental Hospital

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