Cork Fighting

At Fripp, my mom’s friend Pam stopped by and had dinner with us one evening. She brought some lovely wine and when she uncorked it, she said, “I collect wine corks!”

“Me too!” I said.

“I like to write on the cork, you know, to memorialize the occasion and the company with whom I enjoyed the wine!”

She then grabbed a pen and wrote, “Fripp Island July 2011 – Rosalie & Girls” right on the cork.

“What a sweet idea!”

At any rate, Lisa was over my place this afternoon. She looked at the basket I keep on my kitchen table full of Charles Shaw wine corks and she said, “You know, Donna, if you did as Pam suggested, all these wine corks would say the same thing, “AT HOME. ALONE.”

“Not all of them, Lisa. There’s a couple that would say, “Behind the 7-11 with hobos.”

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