The Blob Ball 2011

Last night was The Blob Ball. The Rivers Rockabilly Trio played all night long and…..

Phil Alvin

Phil Alvin of The Blasters!

I danced all night long… with Audra, Lisa, and a veritable Phil Alvin impersonator. Yes, I had more fun last night than I did in about 5 years combined. The World Famous Buddy Holly stylist, Ed Marra was in attendance, lending his vocal styling and specs to the ball. His Rave On was SPOT ON! And Stu (The Rivers’ leader and front man) even dedicated a song to me and plugged my book. What song? Somethin’ Else, natch! Which of course caused much confusion when we bumped into Stu before Blobfest and he said, “You requested Rave On, right?”

“No, I requested, Somethin’ Else”

“Well, what did you request?”

“Somethin’ Else!”

“What song?”

“Somethin’ Else!”

He knew what song I requested, he was just pulling my leg!

And let me tell you something. Any man that whines and says there are no available women out there NEEDS to go to a Rockabilly concert. There were TONS of BEAUTIFUL women in attendance. Amongst this choice crowd, there was a total of 3 old guys that spent the entire time going from one woman to the next for dances. Not one was turned down. They left very happy campers.

1 thought on “The Blob Ball 2011

  1. B. Davis

    There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.

    High in Dallas yesterday: 106.

    It’s nice to see that SOMEONE is enjoying her summer 🙂

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