What’s your favorite toast? Normally I do, “Drink Cold, Piss Warm!” I didn’t come up with that on my own– I am not that creative. At all. I heard it in a movie. A dirty movie. Henry and June. I saw it in college. This evening, as I poured the 3 Buck Chuck, I said, “I love how 3 Buck Chuck smells… like Freedom and La Femme Nikita!” And that’s how we toasted, “To FREEDOM and La Femme Nikita!” When I first got this place, my Aunt Helen gave me a case of 3 Buck Chuck and I remember spending my evenings reveling in my freedom by drinking wine and watching episode after episode of La Femme Nikita– so it’s all intertwined.

I also do “Na zdorovje” Which sounds like, “Nahs DRAH vie YA” At least that’s how I pronounce it. My cousin Lenka might disagree. I say it when I am drinkingSlivovitz or Becherovka.

Speaking of favorite liqeurs– my newest fave is Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur. It is heavenly! Ginger-flavored liquer.. it’s like drinking a Dark and Stormy without rum and without Barritts Ginger Beer. LOVE IT!


(FYI, I have created a new category for this type of post, I’m calling it BOOZE)

7 thoughts on “Courage!

  1. Audra

    I drink to your charm, your beauty and your brains — which gives you a rough idea of how hard up I am for a drink. (I think from a Marx Brothers movie)

  2. Gomer

    If you profess to love the smell of 3 buck charlie, you would cream your jeans over a proper Bordeaux. It smells like capitalism and knight rider.

  3. B. Davis

    I’m collecting Gomerisms. That alcohol simile is a polished gem that belongs on the mantel.

  4. Gomer

    Here’s a poetry toast:

    Donna has gone walkabout down East.
    In hopes of some fun, at least.
    But not back around, questions abound.
    Like why have the new post ceased?

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