We stayed just south of Myrtle Beach in Surfside. There’s a Holiday Inn there that we like. Our time was spent sitting on the beach or boogie boarding. I love riding the waves in to shore and I am really good at it. In fact, I should take surfing lessons. I think I’ll put that on my wishlist.

After Myrtle we went to Charleston. I’ve been there before when I was younger but for some odd reason I have no recollection of this gorgeous city! I loved walking around looking at the beautiful buildings. It was not anything like Philadelphia, that’s for sure!

We went to two restaurants in Charleston– Magnolia’s and Jestine’s. Magnolia’s was unbelievable. It was a top 5 meal in my book. Jestine’s was supposed to be even better– especially because Anthony Bourdain was there not too long ago. But honestly, I wasn’t impressed. In fact, I was disappointed.

Yeah, so I ate moon pies, Charleston Chews and drank RC cola. Walked all over the city in 100 degree heat. Toured the USS Yorktown Aircraft carrier and saw dolphins frolicking in the water below. Enjoyed the Aquarium in Myrtle Beach– felt like I was scuba diving without having to immerse myself in water. Body surfed some tremendous waves and just missed a shark attack that occurred only a mile north. Feasted on catfish, fried green tomatoes and grits. And had a great time.

8 thoughts on “Charleston

  1. B. Davis

    I’ve been to Charleston a couple of times in the past 10 years, and I recall a restaurant that serving fantastic
    shrimp and grits. Forget the name, though.

    Did you have a pork sandwich? Carolinians are also
    proud of their barbeque sauce.

  2. Donna Post author

    BDavis– it wasn’t Magnolia’s? I swear that place was the BOMB!

    Charles! I’ve already imagined what you’re like– oh and today I was going through OLD OLD photos of me and there was one from like too many years ago and on my monitor screen is the old Dustbury page! I would have sent it off to you but it wasn’t the most attractive photo.

  3. B. Davis

    It might have been Magnolia’s….2002 is eight years ago, and sometimes I can’t recall exactly what I did last weekend πŸ™‚

    A few weeks ago I went to the Tomato Festival in Jacksonville, Texas and ate some fried green tomatoes there. Why does everything that tastes great have to be bad for you πŸ™

    At that Jacksonville festival the largest bowl of salsa in the world was created….over 2700 pounds!

  4. Donna Post author

    BDavis– you need to come to Philadelphia. I’ll give you the tour to end all tours! It’ll make the largest bowl of salsa seem like child’s play!


  5. B. Davis

    Hey Donna — many years ago I worked in Bedminster, NJ and lived in Raritan, NJ. Are you familiar with those
    towns? I’ve been to Philly a couple of times…even saw a baseball AND a football game at the old Veterans Stadium. I’ve TOUCHED the Liberty Bell (you’re thinking
    “Hasn’t everyone?”) and I went through Independence Hall. But there are a lot of things I missed. Philly is on my must re-visit list. You think a 2700 pound bowl of salsa is child’s play? Harrumph!

    When I look for new restaurants, I use Do you?

    Be careful about that invite…I might take you up on it.
    I’m craving a real, honest-to-god Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich! (not the imitation Texas variety)

  6. Donna Post author

    Yeah, I know Bedminster and Raritan. (No one touches the Liberty Bell anymore– heck, I almost got frisked the last time I was there)

    When I am looking for new places, I go to– that’s how I found Magnolia’s.

    I too am craving a good cheese steak. I am ready!

  7. B. Davis

    You know those crazy stories about Elvis and his peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich cravings? How he would gas up his private jet on a moment’s notice and then instruct his pilot to retrieve some food item 500 miles away? Guess what? If I had a mansion with a jungle room and a private jet and a pilot, I’d be up in Philly in a snap for that cheesteak sandwich. Which means it ain’t gonna happen…at least not tonight πŸ™‚

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