Alive and Well and Living on Mars

My little cousins are en-route for a week long visit! I am very excited! The plans are to take them to the shore, rafting, Great Adventure, etc… It’s going to be fun!

Last weekend saw me on another mini-trip. Pookie and I went to Rock Hall, MD where we met up with friends and ate a smörgåsbord of seafood. The next day we sailed the bay and anchored at the public beach. After jumping in, a tray of chicken wings were delivered to us by a friend who waded into the water with the tray perched upon his head. We ate the wings as we swam, tossing the bones to the seagulls flying around us.

I thought I had adequately shielded myself from the sun. Apparently I failed big time because I have those silly sunglass lines where I kinda look like a Panda, in reverse. My eyes are white and everything else is dark.

In other news, today is Audra and Julia’s Birthday! Happy Birthday!

4 thoughts on “Alive and Well and Living on Mars

  1. Audra

    Thank you! I’m glad I took time out on my birthday to read your blog now, and speaking of day trips you better let me know soon about taking the John O’Hara and Yuengling Brewery tours in Pottsville before it’s too late for a while!

  2. Gomer

    Apparently the time delay is much greater from Mars to Earth than previously calculated. Posts are taking much longer to arrive here.

  3. B. Davis

    She’s in the Inception level 3 dream state in which
    10 minutes of sleep equals 10 years.

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