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36 Weeks In

Baby comingYesterday was 36 weeks. Baby Jimmie is to arrive December 7th. I think he’s coming sooner though… mainly because he’s a busy baby. He’s constantly on the move and I don’t think he likes being cooped up in the womb.

Someone recently asked what we were thinking about in terms of his college fund. I replied, “We’re not saving for his college. Instead we will be funding his first start up.”

As much as I can’t wait for baby Jimmie to arrive, I also have no idea what to expect. With him inside of me, my life continues in a familiar, normal manner. It’s the physical component of having a giant belly that tires me out and impedes my movement that’s different. Once he arrives, my body should pretty much return to normal but my life will drastically change.

My mom said that I shouldn’t worry about it– yes, I will be really tired and overwhelmed for about 3-4 months but babies grow and eventually they sleep through the night. And he will become my new normal. Just like life re-normalized after my dad died.

One of Eddie’s friends dropped by this weekend for a visit and he mentioned to me that he was the youngest of 11 kids. ELEVEN KIDS! Although I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, I can’t imagine going through this 11 times. Insane!

Countdown to the new normal…

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