Will You Be My Valentine?

So I was lucky enough to catch an interaction that may shape the future of two lives. Yesterday, as we were leaving Jimmy’s preschool, I said, “Jimmy, did you ask Ava W what you were planning on asking her?”

“Wait!” He ran off to where Ava W. was playing with another girl.

“Ava W, will you be my Valentine?”

Ava W stood up and said, “Yes, Jimmy, I’ll be your Valentine!” She gave him a big hug and sat back down with her friend.

Jimmy looked at me and beamed! He ran back to me and said, “SHE SAID YES!!!!”

He took my hand and out of the classroom I walked… Jimmy floated.

Replaying the scene in my head, I marveled at how well it went. I was proud Jimmy had the courage to ask… he could have chickened out and not asked at all. I was grateful that Ava W responded in the affirmative. She could have been shy and not known how to act, she could have froze up or said no.

Jimmy may be more apt to put himself out there because of this positive experience and perhaps Ava W feels special and in the future, she’ll feel valued, deserving, and loveable.

I can’t help but wonder about the little girl who Ava W was playing with. I hope she was caught up in their play and didn’t notice the interaction. I hope she didn’t notice and wonder why Jimmy didn’t ask her. I hope she doesn’t feel bad that she was ignored and wonder why it wasn’t her.

Looking back at my own life– I was the little friend. Early on I felt ignored and rejected. It imbued me with a deep belief that I wasn’t deserving and I shouldn’t be picky. I think that’s ultimately why I made such royally bad decisions when it came to men most of my life.

The love lives of 5-year-olds… I do believe it plants the seeds to who they will become and the lives they will lead.

I do know this… Regardless of the Valentine’s Day interaction, Ava W knows what she wants and has gone out to get it. Jimmy likes her because she has made it clear she likes him. Just the other day, when I was picking Jimmy up, Ava W approached me and said, “Jimmy’s mommy, Jimmy’s so handsome… I want to take Jimmy home and he can live in my house and play with me all the time!”

I smiled and said, “That is so sweet Ava W, but Jimmy has a home with us but maybe he can visit you one day.” I was pretty proud that I was able to stifle my initial reaction of, “STAY AWAY FROM MY BABY BOY, YOU TROLLOP!”

When I was younger, my mom would say, “You are growing up, we’re gonna have to buy a bat to keep the boys away!” Back then, I thought it was ludicrous. Looking back, I wish my thought was, “A bat won’t keep them away!”

Thinking about Jimmy, I am going to have to buy a bat AND tie him down.

3 thoughts on “Will You Be My Valentine?

  1. Christina

    I saw that Peter Tork passed away and remembered that you were a big fan/not fan “Peter Tork is a dork”. I used to follow your blog a lot back we both were single and kid-less but life has gotten busy and I don’t read blogs much anymore. I hope that you and your fam are well.
    But it’s a sad day.

  2. Robert

    I came here for much the same reason as Christina. I am very glad to see that you are enjoying motherhood. Always thought you were pretty awesome. Always wishing you the very best.

  3. Donna Post author

    Thanks for stopping by, Christina and Robert! When Peter opted out of the Christmas album and the current tour, I had a feeling something was up. Apparently, the tongue cancer he beat a decade ago decided to make a comeback. Very sad.

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