Greasy Pomps in Leather Suits Showcase

This is my contribution to society… WHO AM I MISSING??????

Vince Taylor

Link Wray

Alvin Stardust

Conrad Birdie

68′ Special Elvis


Danny Zuko

Stray Cats

Gene Vincent

Added by my baby sister! (so proud!)

Joan Jett

Another baby sister addition

Ready Freddie Mercury

Added by BDavis

Added by Audra

5 thoughts on “Greasy Pomps in Leather Suits Showcase

  1. Audra

    Meatloaf in “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” The Beatles before they were famous? But I don’t know if either of those are leather suits, jackets for sure.

  2. B. Davis

    Robert Goulet on a motorcycle — not exactly what you’re looking for, maybe — but it’s funny….

  3. Donna Post author

    I don’t know if Goulet counts… but it is funny! You know Elvis hated Robet Goulet and shot out a tv when he appeared.

  4. B. Davis

    Goulet represented what Elvis hated — someone who was too polished and too conventional. Maybe you know that Frank Sinatra hated Elvis’ music back in the 1950s, but even Sinatra had to finally bow down to The King. Not only that, but Sinatra’s own daughter liked that darned ol’ rock n roll singer! Elvis rocked everyone’s world. My mom once owned an original copy of “Don’t Be Cruel” and liked listening to it, even though she preferred Perry Como and the crooner types. I sure wish she hadn’t thrown that 45 record away 🙁

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