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Yeah, apparently everyone wants to ride the D-Train. I went out the other night with some friends. We sat down at the local tavern just in time to hear a musician whip out his guitar and start to play. HE WAS THE SPITTING IMAGE OF GORDON “I wouldn’t feed that to a DOG!” RAMSEY! He made a beeline for me, asked me my name and told me I could request ANY song I liked. He headed back to the microphone and he said, “I’m K___ R____ and that’s Donna!” The night was spent listening to Monkees, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. I think I was the only one having a great time.

Wait, it gets better. A woman came over to me in the middle of his set.

“Girlie, stay away from him! He’s MARRIED AND he’s got a floozie on the side! I can’t bear to see this LOVE DEVIL get his claws into another girl!”

I faked shock and disappointment and told her I would be careful. I left early so I don’t know what interesting things might have happened had I stayed. Oh well.

My second eHarmony date occurred yesterday. It went fine. He was quite a bit shorter than me and he had two children by two different women. Couple that with no common interests or attraction… I won’t be returning his texts.

I have another eHarmonny date lined up for tomorrow. I don’t know what the difference is but I am enjoying this experience a lot more than I did the last time. Lisa and Mom say it’s because I am a totally different person now, more confident and less needy. I think it’s just the demographic. Men in their early 30’s still want cheerleaders… men in their forties are just grateful for anyone. Whatever the case, I am feeling very hopeful at this point. Fingers crossed it continues!

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  1. Kozaburo

    Men in their forties still want cheerleaders, but are just more wary of bitching/depression/unhappiness. With age, the importance of the “smile to body ratio” just becomes more important.

    You really don’t want someone who is “grateful for anyone”

  2. B. Davis

    I thought E-Harmony was designed to weed out all those cads with multiple wives and no common interests with you. Sounds like their matching algorithm needs more rhythm.

    I saw a really funny lady in Vegas once. My favorite quote of hers:
    “I just read men reach their sexual peak at 18. Did you know that? Women reach their sexual peak at 35. Did you get the feeling God is into practical jokes? We’re reaching our sexual peaks right around the same time they discover they have a favorite chair.”

    Rita Rudner:

  3. Donna Post author

    Eharmony really doesn’t have any superb matching algorithm as they say they do… at least not as far as I can tell. And they don’t weed out any people either. Online dating isn’t that much different than dating in the real world, it’s just faster and you get more dates. You still have to do all the work of figuring out if they are normal, well-adjusted people.

  4. Kozaburo

    The Eharmony algorithm is based primarily on religion, which I’m guessing is why you got your “Hunky-Dago”. If you choose “meh, I’m Catholic but not religious” you’ll be set up with similar people. There’s supposed to be a psychological element too, but a buddy of mine was once set up with a woman on Eharmony who was a sociopath and crushed his spirit. Go fig.

    You will more easy find people with common interests at a Rockabilly bar. I recommend the one in Glenside. If religion doesn’t matter to you then Eharmony < Match, IMHO

  5. Donna Post author

    I can tell you it’s not based on height. I get so many matches who are 5 foot 7. Hello!?! I am a head taller.

    And Mr Hunky Dago is actually Roman Catholic.. not Byzantine which is why I was so surprised to find out he’s 1/2 Ukie.

    I’m gonna check out that Glenside bar.

  6. Larry Shell

    I “think” that rockabilly bar, The Blue Comet, in Glenside, PA is closed? They were for a couple of years, reopened, and now I’m not sure as their website lists shows from last November as upcoming. There is a fantastic FREE show this coming Saturday, June 30, in NYC at Lincoln Center outdoors featuring 60s Girl Group singers including Ronnie Spector, Lesley Gore, LaLa Brooks (of the Crystals) and many more! It’d be worth the schlep from PA to there! Here’s the scoop:

  7. Larry Shell

    I guess the Blue Comet has completely abandoned their website for Facebook. Of the upcoming bands listed, I’d highly recommend seeing Hillbilly Casino who are from Nashville. Their lead singer Nick, is certifiable and I can safely say a good time will be had seeing them!

  8. Kozaburo

    I assure you the Comet is open – was just there with “Mrs Kozaburo” a couple of months ago and business was booming. I love the “Talk to the person next to you” TV… heh

    Trailer Park in NY is another good one:

  9. Jorge Mendez

    As a colleague once told me, to be sought after…

    When you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, it’s important to be good-looking.

    When you’re in your 40’s and 50’s, it’s important to be smart, well-read, and worldly…

    When you’re in your 60’s (and above), it’s important to be rich…

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