Eh… harmony

I’ve had a few more men drip out of my eHarmony match funnel. I was tempted to close one because he said he’s French. Not sure why. Maybe the potential smell factor? But then I thought, “I am doing this for FUN! Accept them all! Except for midgets.”

My date last night went well, in case you are interested. He looked like a young Bill Medley which is odd since I’ve been watching a lot of old Righteous Brothers clips on YouTube. The one thing that I thought was pretty cool is that he’s a Hunky Dago too! Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be raised all that ethnically, he had never heard of pysanky. Whatever, I had fun.

Here’s an amazing video of the Righteous Brothers. I LOVE it when the dancers come out and then at 1:24 when Bill and Bobby start shouting and shaking their asses…. AWESOMENESS!

Here’s another great one:

What does it mean to “ball in the morning.” Or am I mishearing the lyrics? Justine’s not the only gal who likes to ball. Good Golly Miss Molly, sure like to ball. I’ve always assumed it meant to have sex. It just seems too obvious. Any clarification would be appreciated.

Speaking of…. Bill Medley, I once saw him in person. He walked past me at a casino in Las Vegas. I was with a couple older women and they just about melted right there. “BILL MEDLEY!” they screamed in unison. I knew who he was but I wasn’t terribly familiar with him as an individual… he was just Bill Righteous to me.

4 thoughts on “Eh… harmony

  1. Audra

    It’s really a double entendre. Superficially it just means likes to party, but it also means to have sex, so you can take it how you want. Rock n roll took a lot of black slang that went over white America’s heads, which is how they got away with using it in popular songs. Even the term “rocking and rolling” is a double entendre. It comes from gospel music roots when people got really worked up at church and were moving around that way, but it also is the motion in having sex.

  2. B. Davis

    That film clip of Gary Lewis (the greatest singing pencil necked geek ever) introducing the Righteous Bros is from this beach movie:

    BTW…”ball” hasn’t always had a sexual connation. It used to mean, roughly, “having a ball”.

    And the term “balls to the wall”? Not sexual either. It’s a term used by pilots….and it means to push a throttle so far that the ball of the throttle touches the front wall of the cockpit (“cockpit”…dang, now THAT’S vulgar).

  3. Kozaburo

    Ditto. Listen to “Idol with the golden head” by the Coasters with that understanding (“rock and roll”) for a much more amusing song. 🙂

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