My mom said something funny the other day… “I like that Jersey Elvis you posted on your blog!”

That’s a pretty good description of Robert Gordon, isn’t it? Jersey Elvis.

Can you imagine what might have been if Elvis came from the Garden State and not Tennessee?

Rather than “Thunk ya very much,” he’d have said, “Thank yous a lot”

6 thoughts on “Yo, ELVIS!

  1. Donna Post author

    🙂 The funny thing is… I have always loved Elvis’s music but I never actually crushed on him. With that said, I am absolutely crushing on Robert Gordon. It must be the Jersey.

  2. Kozaburo

    I’ve never heard it outside of South Philly and it’s emigrants in South Jersey

    And reality TV isn’t the best metric of reality. I really doubt, for instance, that “Buddy” Valastro talks like a Joe Pesci impersonator when he’s off camera.

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