Red Elvises Take Over Bethlehem

On Sunday I went to Bethlehem’s Musikfest. I ran into longtime Donnaville visitor, Nathan Linder at a bar before the Red Elvises show. What a crazy coincidence! (Especially because he told me he couldn’t meet me since he would be of town!) I also met up with a girl from YouTube. She wrote me and said she was also a Rivers Rockabilly Trio fan and would love to meet up at Musikfest. I wrote her back saying, SURE! On the way to Musikfest, I started wondering if I had made a dreadful mistake. Might I find myself in the clutches of an amorous lesbian!?! Turns out I already knew the girl… she was the gal wearing the Marilyn Monroe dress at the Rivers’ Blob Ball. Everything turned out just fine.

I am a little disappointed in the video I shot because the camera did not capture the flirty eyes Oleg kept giving me throughout the concert. In fact, when it was time to Belly Dance, Oleg pointed at ME and said, Come! And guess what guys? I did! My life is now complete… I belly danced with the Red Elvises!

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