Lisa and I drove to Baltimore on Friday night and on Saturday we met up with Todd and his wife. I drank so much Natty Boh! It was nice seeing Todd again. We ended up driving home at 2am. I still feel like I am trying to catch up since that sleepless night spent on the road.

I am trying to decide what to do. I seem to be obsessed with death and it’s finality. I wish I believed in life after death. I am still reeling a bit from losing Ernie. What kicks me is how he has just totally disappeared from my life. Guess that’s for the best. Platonic friendship seems a bit of a joke. Perhaps I am just ready to find someone new? What can be my strategy? Online dating isn’t something I want to do again. Here’s an idea: I will find a way to refer to my singleton status at my speaking engagements. If someone in the audience is interested, maybe knowing I am free will give him the balls to make a move? Let’s do it!

I did meet a man while I was in Baltimore. He was standing on a street corner in Fell’s Point. I thought he was just the cutest thing… but he kept his left hand in his pocket. I realized what that meant and moved on.

The weather has suddenly changed and it’s hot. My air conditioning will go on soon.

Yesterday I took Bo outside and hosed him down. He was so stinky! It was so funny watching his fur deflate as it got wet. He went from a marshmallow to a lima bean.

3 thoughts on “Yuppers

  1. Kozaburo

    IMO you shouldnt mention the word “singleton” to men in general… And certainly don’t mix that stuff with your business. Good luck!

  2. B. Davis

    I obsessed about death for a couple of years after my mom passed away, but later realized after experiencing the death of numerous family members that it’s all meant to be. Believe it or not, you’ll probably take comfort in that one day. And you’ll realize that obsessing about this temporary existence is not fruitful either. And you’ve probably concluded (as I have) that good things sometimes just happen when you least expect it, and when you’re not trying 🙂

  3. Rob

    Ditto on “singleton” but if you can find a way to work it into a LI presentation for professionals, if you do it offhand, why not? Compare LI to a dating web site or something….”and for those who are single…” As long as you’re not at a prison doing a presentation for soon-to-be parolees.

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