Marty Stuart Tempts Me

How come no one ever told me how cool Marty Stuart is?

I LOVE this song! Especially the very beginning. I hear a little Eddie Cochran and a little Ricky Nelson.

5 thoughts on “Marty Stuart Tempts Me

  1. Debby Miller

    “Tempted” is still one of my favorite Marty Stuart tunes. Marty is indeed married to Connie Smith. She still looks and sounds beautiful at her age. Been a Marty fan for over 20 years. Always love it when someone new “discovers” him.

  2. Donna Post author

    I can’t get over how similar his delivery is to Ricky Nelson… whom I love! No matter what song Ricky sang, it sounded like a ballad. Knowing that I like Tempted, what other songs/albums of Marty’s should I listen to?

  3. Rob

    I saw him when he was in Johnny Cash’s backup band in the early 80s. You could tell he was going to be a star.

    A good place to start is the Marty Party Hit Pack.

  4. Kacy

    Marty has worked with most everyone huge in the business, including Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, John Prine, Doc Watson, Emmylou Harris, and many many more. Some of his songs you might like are: “Shelter From the Storm”, “Here I Am”, “Sweet Love”, “Hey Baby”, “Little Things”, “Burn Me Down”, dang… listen to all his stuff lol… I am a HUGE Marty fan since the 80’s, so I can’t make a choice of just a few. He is very eclectic and plays a lot of different instruments. He is also a photographer and a country music historian. He is a down to earth, awesome guy, that makes you feel like family when you meet him.

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