What will happen tomorrow?

I couldn’t seem to wake up like I did yesterday. The alarm went off at 6am and I couldn’t get myself up! Instead I waited until the last possible second and then threw myself out of bed. I was ready in under 5 minutes.

This morning was my weekly networking gig and I actually was looking forward to it so I could speak to the E-Man’s friend and maybe get an idea of what really occurred to end our engagement.

No dice.

He stayed clear of me and when I walked up to him, he walked away. It doesn’t matter. I am actually okay with it. The more I think of it the more I realize that it was truly a learning experience. Looking back over my love life, I have only had relationships with jerks. The E-Man helped me realize what it’s like to be treated nicely… even if it did end rather badly.

Another awesome thing occurred… I got booked for another episode of a Sirius/XM radio show! No word on the Arabic talk show… that might be an elaborate joke, I really don’t know.

I am still in an Elvis fog. Today my mom came over for lunch and I accounted every little detail of the date… right down to him pulling the recline lever on my driver’s seat. If it was anyone but an Elvis Tribute Artist, I would have held back… in this situation, I couldn’t.

At the beginning of the date, when I got out of the car to greet him, he grabbed me and kissed me. I pushed him away and said, “How dare you think those cheap tactics would work with me!”

“Them’s ain’t tactics, honey. It’s just the beast in me,” he replied.

At that moment I knew I was in for the ride of my life.

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