Most amazing night ever

What I love about my life is, the craziest things just happen to me.

On Friday, I sadly realized my latest love and I were through. On Sunday, I found myself in the arms of an Elvis Tribute artist… second runner up at the Philly Official ETA primaries!

Today, I was asked to appear on an Arabic talk show.

Oh, and the luck! I was soooo about to wear my Elvis T-shirt on Sunday but I thought to myself, “No, Donna, it’s better to wear your t-shirt with the heart lined in pink fringe. It looks better frugging” And it’s a good thing because that night when I showed up at TGIFriday’s with Elvis, it would have just looked really odd also wearing an Elvis t-shirt.

Here’s what we looked like earlier, frugging on the dance floor:

Unfortunately, in the real version, a girl walked behind me holding a diet coke which somehow perfectly caught my hand, sending it upward into the air. I felt bad until the Tom Jones stylist grabbed me around the waist and said, “Not your fault, darlin’… everyone knows you don’t walk behind a dancing girl!”

Yes, it’s true that almost a year ago, I showed up to a bar with a Buddy Holly impersonator.

I can’t help but wonder… what next?

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