Dream with meaning, down the drain

Last night I had a dream I found myself pregnant. Wondering who the father might be never occurred to me. All I knew was that my stomach was swollen and a baby would soon emerge. Time passed without a baby and I began to worry something was wrong. I went to the bathroom to do #2 and found the baby had plopped out at the moment I flushed! Quickly I reached into the toilet, trying to save her. She went down the hole, my hand went after her. I reached her and pushed her against wall of the pipe and I felt the water and crap flush by. Pulling her out, she looked dead and retarded. I cradled her in my arms and she began to come alive, spitting out poopie toilet water. Even though she was alive, she felt plastic… like the old baby dolls I played with as a toddler. My mom appeared and I told her that my baby was damaged. Mom wasn’t overly concerned. She said that a lot of babies are lost to toilets.

So hmmmmmmmm, I dream about my baby getting flushed down the toilet. I wonder what in the world it could mean 😉

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