Deck the Halls with Buddy Holly

Wow! If it weren’t for my dad dying, I’d say I am living a most awesome life. Last night I went to see my favorite local Rockabilly band play. During intermission, the lead guitarist came down off the stage and came over to greet me. Once we finished talking, the guy who performs with them as Buddy Holly, replete with horn-rim glasses, came over to say hi. Lisa casually mentioned we were headed to the Parx Casino after the concert. When we got to the place, I said to the bartender, “If Buddy Holly shows up, bring him over to me.”

“Yeah, right… I’ll be sure to point him your way.”

I had the last laugh when Buddy Holly did show up!

So, I am sitting at the Parx Casino with a touchy feely Buddy Holly impersonator and we’re talking about Elvis, Marshal Crenshaw, Gary Busey, Ed Sullivan, The Rip Chords, etc… and I am just a couple of degrees away from melting into a giant puddle! Unfortunately the fun ended abruptly when he held my hand and I felt a wedding ring. All my hopes and dreams for that moment crash-landed. Regardless, my heart turned flip flops for the first time in ages and that’s a good thing… even if Buddy has a Peggy Sue.

Sitting there with “Buddy,” made me think of a totally insane conversation I had a few months ago when I went to Rockin’ Ron Cade’s 30th Anniversary Elvis and Friends Tribute Show (Of which Rockin’ Ron sent me TWO COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS! I tell you I am suddenly leading a charmed life). As the Elvis Stylist performed a knee drop followed by a lunge, the woman next to me said, “I wonder how he looks when he’s not dressed like Elvis?”

“In my experience, they NEVER look as good when the jumpsuit comes off. Totally ruins the moment.”


“I have 50 scarves.”

You should have seen the woman’s face! She totally believed me! Hysterical!

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