Saw it last night with the girls and got such a huge kick out of it! Loved it! LOVED IT! Loved the raunchy bits, the toilet humor, the crude language, LOVED IT! This movie is what Sex and the City was supposed to be.

2 thoughts on “Bridesmaids

  1. Audra

    I saw it too, and I knew you were going to love the humor! And it was so great to see that humor delivered by a mostly-female cast. I thought it was at least as funny as “The Hangover.” Is still laugh thinking of the lines from it. Everything that Megan character said was hilarious. Her and the air marshall, and when she’s wrestling Kristen Wiig and biting her in the ass! And I loved the one that was married with kids when she was like, “Everything is covered in semen! I broke a blanket in half!”

  2. Donna Post author

    Last night, I turned to Lisa and Laura and quoted Megan, “I’m going to climb him like a tree!” The guy didn’t find it too funny but it made L&L laugh. 😉

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