Lisa and I went shopping yesterday. In the car, riding to TJMaxx, Lisa said, “I don’t like how you portrayed me on your blog.”

“I thought you didn’t read my blog anymore.”

“I don’t, I just made an exception yesterday.”

“What don’t you like about it?”

“You made me seem cruel and blunt.”

“You are cruel and blunt.”

“You misquoted me! I said, ‘Since someone wants her, why aren’t there guys out there that want us!”

So I offer this entry as a correction and as an apology to my sister… although I know how I transcribed it originally is totally correct.

2 thoughts on “Misquoted

  1. Lilimarie

    Donna, I love how you make amends but then you reverse it in that last paragraph. I will now have to begin reading your blog on a daily basis. Someone needs to keep an eye on you. 😛

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