Peeing in the Movies

I forgot to mention something about I Am Love. There is a scene where Tilda rushes into the bathroom, sits down on the toilet… and pees. During this pivotal scene, she thinks back to her affair with Antonio and smiles… she then wipes, flushes and FADE OUT!

There is only one other movie I’ve seen where the lead actress uses the toilet. Átame! otherwise known as Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!. Which leads me to wonder: What other movies feature characters using the toilet? And I am not talking about weird fetish stuff… I want mainstream movies in which a star goes to the bathroom.

Correct answers earn 5 points. Incorrect answers earn 4 points. Points may be redeemed at the concession stand.

I already remembered a couple with men: Austin Powers, A League of Their Own and The Hangover.

14 thoughts on “Peeing in the Movies

  1. Audra

    “A League of Their Own” for sure, and Christian Bale in “American Psycho.” MacGruber most recently. I know I’ve seen women go pee in the movies too–just can’t think of them right now!

  2. B. Davis

    In the movie “Election”, Matthew Broderick relieves himself on a tree in someone’s front yard. While watching this scene I wondered why it was necessary for Broderick to mark his territory.

    “The Underground Comedy Movie” from 1999 supposedly contains a very gross-out bathroom scene. Never seen it though, although you’re probably adding it to your Netflix queue right now. 🙂

    If I redeem to many coupons at your concession stand I’ll need to pee (hey, remember how Forrest Gump almost peed after drinking all those Dr. Peppers?).

  3. Donna Post author

    I ran a couple searches and found very little so I thought it would be a real challenge. Oh Well! All good answers!

  4. CGHill

    There’s a scene in Personal Best where he’s gotta go, and she offers to, um, hold it for him, so she can get a feel for what it’s like to do it standing up, or some such nonsense. At the time, it seemed rather touching.

  5. rosalie

    Names evade me but I recall a comedy where the little son has to relieve himself and the father suggests a wall and then, I think, joins him. It was not an old movie but more recent.

  6. B. Davis

    Hey, I remember that “touching” scene from Personal Best. Ms. Hemingway did a lot of touching in that movie,
    gratifying both males and females.

    Big Daddy is the movie when Adam Sandler and the kid
    whiz against the wall. I’m not a Sandler fan because his
    movies require an audience with an IQ of 80.

    There’s a scene in “Doc Hollywood” where Michael J. Fox and some girl walk through the woods and she all of a sudden squats down and relieves herself. (Again, what’s the point of showing something like that?)

  7. Donna Post author

    Saw a small portion of Transworld yesterday and there was a scene where Felicity Huffman took a pee with a prosthetic penis…. which kinda reminds me of an oddly similar scene in Withnail & I

  8. B. Davis

    “Prosthetic Penis” is a term that’s about as cute and cuddly as “Ostomy Bag”. I like automobiles and human bodies in their natural forms, complete with all the original parts. No aftermarket parts for ME, please.

  9. Donna Post author

    Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… and that actually covers the peeing and the prosthetic penises and ostomy bags.

  10. B. Davis

    By the way, Felicity Huffman became “attached” to “Andy”
    during the filming of the movie (uh, wasn’t it actually the other way around?). I’m so sorry the direction of this topic has veered into a ditch, but you started it!

    Did you ever see “Lars and The Real Girl”? Lars needed
    a real girl, not a rubber one, and Felicity Huffman
    needed a real man, not a rubber one. I’m just SO old-fashioned in my thinking.

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