Reunion Weekend

I survived Reunion Weekend! Friday night at Kelly’s was pretty amazing. I counted 8 RSVPs. Imagine my surprise when 20 girls showed up! One of the girls took me aside and said, “Donna, do you remember when we were Interpretive Dance together?”

“Yeah, that was back when I was doing my Isadora Duncan THANG!”

“I doubt you remember this but the one day, we were trying to get into the spirit of Miriam Makeba and I looked over at you and you had such an intense look on your face… well, I sketched you… and I brought it to show you.”

And from out of her bag she produces a framed drawing OF ME! Blew me away! I actually do kinda remember her sketching me.

Here’s a video of Miriam… imagine a group of white girls doing a series of “jazz hands” to this and you’ll have a pretty accurate idea of Interpretive Dance at Rosemont.

Yeah, not too much different than this:

The Gala on Saturday was less attended… only 5 girls showed up! Our 15 year class picture is going to look pretty pathetic! Oh well. It was lovely being at Rosemont again and amongst old classmates. I felt my dad’s spirit there with me. He was so instrumental getting me to go to Rosemont and he loved it as much as I did. There were a couple points I choked back tears because I could just close my eyes and go back to the Father/Daughter Luncheon or moving in day or any of the times he was there helping me. Dammit I miss him.

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